Drake’s One Dance holds the longest UK No.1 consecutively since downloads counted in charts

Drake’s hit single One Dance resulted in his first UK number 1, and has now gone on to become the longest single consecutively at 1 in the UK charts since digital performance was integrated into charts.

Drake has broken a record of sorts, after sitting at number 1 in the UK for 11 weeks in a row with his single ‘One Dance’. This is the longest a single has sat consecutively at the top of the UK charts since music downloads were integrated into the charts in 2007.

The all-time record for most consecutive weeks at number 1 in the UK is held by Bryan Adams for his track ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’. In the summer of 1991 Adams’ single spent a monumental 16 weeks sat at the top of the UK’s official music charts.

Just last week Drake’s single was streamed 4.67 million times and had a lead of roughly 3,000 combined sales over second place. As Billboard reports Drake’s single wasn’t the only unmoving chart entry with the top 8 chart singles surprisingly all maintaining their positions.

It’s been over a year since streaming music has been recognised in the official UK charts and 9 years since downloads were counted. France recently joined the UK, Germany, and the US by integrating digital music streaming stats into their charts.

With 5 weeks yet to go before Drake can match the UK’s longest chart-topping single, do you think Drake can break the record?

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