Virgin America’s unique flights just got even better with a new app that introduces exclusive themed Spotify playlists for it’s destinations.

Virgin America provides a unique flying experience for Americans with mood lighting, screens with various functions like food and drink orders for each seat, and even Netflix streaming and Spotify streaming for free. It’s no surprise with such a luxurious experience for a standard passenger flight that Virgin America were ranked the highest rated airline in America.

Now Virgin America are enhancing their experience further with a new mobile app that makes it easier than ever to book tickets and check in to flights. They say that it streamlines the experience so much that it can take just 60 seconds to book a flight on your mobile with the app, and that even includes the time choosing a seat.

The app also provides a brand new, unique new streaming experience on Spotify with themed playlists for a variety of destinations across the US. You will need to have the Spotify app installed but it works for both Premium and free users (though free users will have to sit through the occasional ad as usual).

The app includes playlists like the ‘Mile High’ playlists for trips to Denver and ‘A Night on Broadway’ for… you guessed it, the big apple New York. Whilst Virgin America aren’t the first to offer destination themed playlists, Google Play Music and Trip Advisor teamed up earlier this year, they’re the first airline to embrace music streaming; let alone integrate it into their mobile application.

music streaming Virgin America airlines airplane themed playlists

Virgin America’s CMO Luanne Calvert said in a statement: “We wanted an app that’s enjoyable to use, makes the booking process simple, intuitive and fast, and gets guests excited about their travel journey, which is why we partnered with Spotify to offer the first ever soundtrack for an airline app.”

The playlist is presented to you once you check-in so that you can listen to it as your on your journey to get you fully in the mood for wherever you’re headed in the states.