Spotify Add ‘Concerts’ Tuned to Your Music Tastes

Photography Credit: Paul Sawers – VentureBeat

Today Spotify announced a new feature which will suggest concerts near to you based on your Spotify listening history.

Spotify have revealed their new ‘Concerts’ feature which will tell you when your favourite artists announce new concerts near you so that you can easily keep track of all the gigs you’re interested in, within the music streaming platform. This new feature isn’t just for listeners though as it also makes it easier for artists to put the word out, directly to fans about upcoming shows.

Using information from Songkick Spotify will gather it’s data on the music you listen to and, much like it’s Discover Weekly feature will show you a selection of concerts picked specifically for you. The best part is that it will regularly update it’s recommendations as your listening history involves and you play more artists.

One of the features that really enhances the new Concerts features is that Spotify will also update it’s results based on where you are, so if you’ve travelled to another city you can see all the gigs that Spotify think you would be interested in, in that area.

Spotify have been partnered with Songkick for a while already. Originally Songkick would gather your listening data from Spotify and present recommendations but you still had to use Songkick externally. Now it is all embedded within Spotify for a seamless, one-stop music service.

You can find Concerts in the Browse section of Spotify. It will default to your current location but you can also manually change the search-area to wherever you want. Concerts will be rolled out to iOS and Android today.

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