Splice introduce rent-to-buy plugin plans starting with Serum

As a music producer or artist using DAWs you’ll know that the best plugins don’t come cheap, Splice want to make it easier for you to access top quality plugins with monthly payment plans.

Starting with the powerful wavetable synthesiser Serum, Splice have set up a new rent-to-own program. Splice are a cloud based platform helping users gain access to high quality plugins and sample packs. Ever the innovators Splice hope that their new plan can gain traction and introduce a new standard for plugins to help producers and musicians get the best tools no matter what stage they’re at.

The plan works by paying a monthly subscription cost that adds up each month towards the final cost of the plugin, at which point it’s yours forever. The brilliant part of this is that you can still use the plugin as you’re paying towards it, technically renting it each month. Another excellent feature of this plan is that you can stop the payments at any time, if you can’t afford the cost for the next month or you change your mind about wanting it. If you decide to pick the plan back up then you can start where you left off with all your original payments still counting towards the final cost.

Splice co-founder Steve Martocci, said: “It’s 2016, software should be distributed in an easy way that matches the market demand, but audio production has lagged behind. We’re empowering developers to deliver the experience the community has requested for years. It’s win-win for everyone involved and time for the rest of the industry to come onboard.”

By helping those who can’t afford to spend over $100 on a plugin at a time Splice’s plan also dissuades people from pirating music software. It’s understandable why some might resort to pirating music software due to the prices but if it’s available for just $9.99 a month it should convince people to actually pay for the software legally.

Currently the only plugin included on the plan is Xfer Records’ popular synthesizer Serum which you can start building up towards a license for, now. You can also try Serum for 3 days free on a trial before deciding whether to sign up or not.

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