Virtual Reality music platform aims to “forever change the music industry”

TheWaveVR is a new revolutionary virtual reality platform for music and they just earned $2.5 million in funding to “transform the way people connect through music”.

TheWaveVR are hoping to create a platform where people can “view, host and socialize in live and recorded shows worldwide, anytime, anywhere.” In other words artists can create a virtual venue, customised to their likes and they can then “perform live” and share their shows.

TheWaveVR will work with most head mounted VR displays so that nearly anyone with a headset can watch virtual music concerts. According to the company the platform will let you interact with the performers, socialise with other attendees, dance, paint, and more.

TheWaveVR’s CEO, Adam Arrigo said:

We’re working toward empowering artists and music lovers alike and transforming the way people connect through music by building the world’s first musical metaverse in VR. Music creators will be able to fully customize how their audience experiences the music – whether that’s by transforming the venue from a realistic nightclub to outer space or putting on the most unimaginable light show ever.Fans won’t have to travel the globe or miss out on their favourite DJs, musicians or festivals and can experience the music like never before, while socializing in totally new ways alongside friends.

One of the key investors behind the $2.5 million raised for TheWaveVR was Presence Capital. Founding partner at Presence Capital, Amitt Mahajan said: “We’re excited to help them build this platform that will forever change the music industry. TheWaveVR isn’t just simply taking music to VR, they are radically evolving the possibilities for how artists reach fans and how fans get access to and experience their favourite music.”

Anjney Midha, founding partner at another investor KPCB Edge, said of the project: “TheWaveVR is building music experiences that can only exist in virtual reality. They’re giving musicians superpowers they’ve never had before, and allowing listeners to experience performances in ways that have never been possible.”

TheWaveVR debuted itself with the “world’s first VR Rave’ on the 5th August, hosted in partnership with SubPac, Skullcandy, PhaseSpace, and 3DLive.

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