The new SPL PQ from Plugin Alliance features two five-band parametric EQs for mastering, based on SPL’s revered high-end PQ mastering hardware unit.

Furthermore, it utilizes the Brainworx Tolerance Modeling Technology to simulate the hardware’s 120V rail circuitry.


Both of the 5 bands use one layout duplicated across both channels which you can link together. While it’s designed for mastering primarily, the included mono version allows you to use it on instruments such as the kick, bass, and snare.

Its controls are precise which they have to be for the mastering process. In fact, the PQ plugin makes the bandwidth proportional to the amplitude with its ‘Proportional Q‘ mode.

Therefore, the PQ has a multitude of musical applications as compared to an analytical processor.

And its additional features, found within the Brainworx section in the lower region of the interface, include:

  • Input/Output gain
  • HP/LP filters
  • TMT features
  • Stereo/Mid-Side/Link modes
  • Auto-listen
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Mono-maker
  • Stereo-width
  • Input/Output metering


Additional presets made by artists allow you to jump straight in and get creative with the PQ plugin.

The Plugin Alliance SPL PQ operates on macOS 10.11 + with support for Apple Silicon and Windows 8 + as AAX Native, AAX DSP, AAX Audio Suite, AU, VST2, and VST3.

You can get the SPL PQ for an introductory offer of $99, but the regular price will be $249.

Plugin Alliance MEGA plugin bundles – the best value for artists

However, Plugin Alliance has redesigned its plugin bundle offerings. So you can subscribe to the MEGA L, MEGA XL, and MEGA XXL bundles and access every plugin on the PA store.

Prices for the MEGA bundles start at $9.99 per month for the MEGA L bundle, MEGA XL is currently $19.99, and MEGA XXL is $24.99.

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