Image Credit: Victrola

Easily integrate the neat unit into your home sound system and enhance your vinyl playing experience.

The Sonos-compatible Stream Carbon model is the latest addition to Victrola’s range of turntables.

The system was revealed last week and is expected to make integrating vinyl playback into your home sound system easier than it has been before. More specifically, the Stream Carbon is designed to be compatible with a home multi-room Sonos setup.

Built on top of a low-resonance veneer plinth, Victrola’s Stream Carbon turntable utilizes a carbon fiber tonearm, an aluminum headshell, and an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.

Its ultra-lightweight carbon fiber tonearm is ‘easily adjustable’ according to Victrola’. Its counterweight provides a level of downforce for ‘dynamic frequency response’ and ‘enhanced clarity’ too.

Image Credit: Victrola

In addition to its quality build, the turntable is for any sound system in this day and age.

In fact, Victrola state that the turntable will “fit into your multi-room sound system from the moment you take it out of its packaging”

Moreover, you can control the turntable with your smartphone on the iOS/Android Sonos app too.

Scott Hagan, Victrola’s CEO, says, “the inspiration behind the turntable came after learning how many Sonos owners are also avid record collectors that would be inspired to listen to their record collection more if it could be played through their wireless sound system”, reports MusicTech.

Image Credit: Victrola

On the other hand, you can integrate the turntable with your home sound system without any Sonos speakers too.

The Stream Carbon features many physical parameters to do so, and you can use the dedicated Victrola Stream app.

The sound of your beloved record collection can be heard from any Sonos speaker in the house, bringing full control to your fingertips.

You can pre-order the Stream Carbon turntable now for £720, and the units are expected to ship in October 2022.

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