Uber have launched a new and improved rider music experience that makes it easier than ever to groove to the tunes you want on your journeys.

There’s nothing worse than a long car journey in total silence between you and the driver. Uber are helping you break the ice with even easier ways to choose the music for your ride from Pandora and Spotify Premium.

The integration makes your listening experience smoother than ever, allowing you to choose your music before you get in the car straight from the Uber app. As soon as you’re in the car and the trip starts your music will come on, seamlessly flowing from your home to your phone to your Uber.

You have two options for choosing the soundtrack for your ride, both done straight via the Uber app for a seamless experience. With Pandora you can choose your favourite stations to stream for free  and with a Spotify Premium subscription you can choose from all of your on-demand music or select a playlist.

Rider Music - Pandora - Marketing GIF

Here’s how you can easily stream music on your Uber ride:

  • Once you’re matched with a driver who has connected music, you’ll see the music bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the bar to sign up or log into an existing Pandora or Spotify Premium account.
  • If you use Spotify Premium, the music will pick up from where you last left off. If your driver is using Pandora, you can preview what station and song is being played.
  • Choose a song, station, or playlist. Music will start when your trip begins.
  • Want to skip the song, or change the station? You can do so right from the Uber app.

Unfortunately Rider Music is currently only available on iOS though Uber say it’s coming to Android in the future. Rider Music using Spotify Premium is available everywhere that Spotify is whilst Pandora is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

In their statement of the upgraded Rider Music, Uber said: “Since we launched ad-free Pandora for drivers in June, drivers have played over 60 million songs – that’s over 4 million hours of music – with Drake, Future, Beyonce, Adele, and Bruno Mars as some of the most played stations. So, whether you’re rocking out to your own playlist or to your driver’s, you may find yourself taking an extra loop around the block to finish that song.

“Rider Music will be rolling out to users throughout the next few weeks, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! Be sure to look for exciting experiences brought to you by Uber and Pandora over the coming months as well!”