Image Credit: Soundation

Soundation’s new Beatmaker is a collaborative online production platform where you can create and share your beats with the easy-to-use online interface.

Beatmaker is an online music production platform by Soundation that allows users to collaborate on music with a sequencer and sampler.

Soundation Beatmaker

The online DAW hosts a variety of pre-made, beats, drum kits, and samples via web browser, all compiled by professional producers and royalty-free.

“We want to bring beat making to the internet for real and make it accessible for everyone. Collaborators can access, join, and collaborate in real-time by clicking a link,” states Soundation CEO Adam Hasslert.

Additionally, you can upload your own sounds and samples and create something wholly original. You can manipulate samples with envelope, pitch, volume, and panning tools, and arrange your sounds into patterns with the online sequencer.

Image Credit: Soundation

You can share your beats with your friends once you’re happy with your progress and collaborate with other beat makers in the Soundation community.

Beatmaker works with creatives at any stage of their musical journey. Beginning producers find learning tools to achieve a professional sound from the get-go, while more experienced producers take advantage of collaboration tools with other producers, to sketch out their beats or songs together. No matter the stage, Soundation delivers the same quality user experience and support needed.


Beatmaker allows multiple people to work on one project at once and saves every change made instantly.

You can access Beatmaker now and remix beats by MG the Future, with more kits by Justin Hawkes and Bishu arriving in the next couple of weeks.

Furthermore, Beatmaker doesn’t require signup, and Soundation states that they will keep adding more royalty-free beats and kits by other names in the future.

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