Image Credit: LEWITT

LEWITT has announced its new Connect 6 audio inteface for musicians and content creators.

The Connect 6 is LEWITT’s first USB audio interface it boasts very cool features such as flexible routing via accompanying software and onboard effects, in addition to a futuristic design.

LEWITT’s reputation is that of a fantastic microphone manufacturer. Now, the new CONNECT 6 is their expedition into a new highly competitive market – the USB audio interface market.

LEWITT Connect 6… connectivity

Besides its unique design, the Connect 6 is crammed with connectivity and functionality. The CONNECT 6 give you features that are geared towards music making, streaming, and recording podcasts.

For example, you’ll find two XLR-1/4” jack combo inputs for microphone and electric instrument connectivity. Both inputs have a preamp that offers 72 dB of gain.

Then, you can connect a stereo source to the 1/8” Aux input too. Additionally, three USB-C lots allow you to connect your computer and smartphone while reserving the third slot for power.

In fact, the CONNECT 6 will charge your mobile devices while it’s connected too! Moreover, the CONNECT 6 supports iOS and Android devices.

And Lewitt state that you can send and receive lossless between your digital devices while they’re connected via the USB-C ports!

Image Credit: LEWITT

The outputs

The Connect 6 offers you two 1/4” balanced jack speaker outputs and one 1/8” stereo speaker output on the rear while offering two headphone outputs on the front.

The only hardware control on the device is one large clickable knob. You’ll find no physical knobs for the microphone preamps or headphone outputs, and no buttons for activating phantom power or monitoring input signals directly.

However, you can use the big knob to determine both the preamp gain and headphone volume.

Control Center: signal routing and effects

The Control Center software allows you to:

  1. Manage routings and combine microphone signals with audio from your computer, mobile device, or another input
  2. Process inputs differently with three virtual stereo channels
  3. Create two independent audio mixes (one for monitoring and one for streaming)
  4. Utilize the loopback channel to record audio from a Zoom call, game, or another activist on your computer.
  5. Utilize three included zero-latency audio effects (a compressor, expander, and an EQ) all of which don’t hinder your computer’s processor.
Image Credit: LEWITT

Price and availability

You’ll be able to grab the Lewitt CONNECT 6 for $299 in a couple of weeks.

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