A recent partnership between Sonos and Spotify won’t just make it more convenient to stream music on your speakers but provide a long awaited solution to Sonos’ awful shuffling.

Earlier this week Spotify and Sonos announced a partnership that will make Spotify the first streaming service to be allowed direct control over Sonos speakers and controls. The main benefits of this partnership will be the seamless control over your music and speakers all in one app, but an incidental side effect fixes Sonos’ shuffle mode.

Most Sonos owners will know how terrible their shuffle can be, looping the same 30 tracks out of 1000s in a playlist. In October when Spotify Premium users will no longer need to use the Sonos app to connect to their home speakers they can shuffle music directly from Spotify, and therefore listen to a decently shuffled selection of music at last!

Whilst it’s not a universal fix, sorry for everyone who isn’t a Spotify Premium subscriber, it’s at least a partial solution for an issue that has been ignored by Sonos for years.

The update, coming to Sonos in October, will also allow anyone with Spotify Premium on the same WiFi connection as Sonos speakers to connect.