Apple have announced a record number of people using the Shazam app each month to discover the music that plays wherever they go.

Apple Music celebrates a significant milestone as Shazam achieves over 300 million monthly active users globally. The music discovery app allows you to tap a button to find the song playing in the background at any moment.

Shazam was acquired by Apple in 2018 and has now reached a whopping 300 million monthly active users. Not just great for its users, Shazam also helps to track trends by discovering what people are hearing out and about, and what is resonating with listeners who want to hear more.

African nations emerge as dynamic contributors to Shazam’s growth, with numerous African songs dominating the platform’s annual global charts. Rema’s “Calm Down” secured the top spot on Shazam’s Top 100 for 2023, holding a remarkable position throughout the year. Ayra Starr, another notable artist from Nigeria, secures a place in the Top 10 of the Top 100 2023, solidifying her status as one of the most-Shazam’d artists in the country.

Expressing gratitude to the audience, Rema states, “To everyone who took the energy to find this song, I hope it’s giving you joy wherever you are today, and I hope it sounds as beautiful as the first day you heard it.”

K-pop’s global influence continues to soar on Shazam, with a noticeable surge in user numbers in Korea. FIFTY FIFTY, an emerging K-pop band, achieves an impressive No. 3 position on the Shazam global charts, marking the first instance of a K-pop act, other than BTS, reaching such heights.

The Latin music scene, particularly from Mexico, witnesses substantial growth in the past year. All five tracks from this genre that entered the US Shazam Top 10 did so within the last twelve months, underscoring the genre’s rising popularity.

Recently, Shazam introduced “Concerts”, a dedicated space in the app for music enthusiasts to explore upcoming events in their area and by the artists they discover. This feature provides personalized event recommendations based on users’ Shazam history or popular events around them, allowing fans to filter events by location, date, and artists for a seamless music discovery experience.

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