Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify Kids’ latest feature allows you to share your playlists with your little one, supplementing the library of 300,000 kid-friendly tracks.

Spotify Kids was publicly launched around a year ago, allowing Spotify Premium Family members to create separate accounts with handpicked kid-friendly music, audiobooks and more for daytime to bedtime listening, with a key focus on privacy throughout. In the last year, Spotify have listened to feedback and given parents more customisation options by introducing new features such as Listening History and the ability to block content.

The newest feature to come to the app is Shared Playlists on Spotify Kids. The feature allows parents to easily share playlists with their children, whether its music they think their child would like or the family’s dance party playlist. You can share any music available on your Spotify, beyond the 300,000 Spotify Kids tracks and 1,300 playlists.

Here’s how to share playlists with your children:

  1. Create a playlist on Spotify or choose one you’ve already made.
  2. Check the titles, lyrics and artwork are appropriate for children by looking out for the “E” marking the track as explicit. Remove any inappropriate songs from the playlist.
  3. Head to the parental settings section of the Spotify Kids app on your childs device and enter your PIN.
  4. Tap Shared Playlists. Here you’ll see all of your playlists. Choose which to share with your child.
  5. The playlist will now appear in the Shared with You area on the homepage.

Updates made on your device will be reflected on the kids device. You can easily revoke access to any playlists at any time by heading back to the PIN-protected parental settings on the kids device. Hopefully this new feature will keep children from listening on your phone and ruining your Spotify Wrapped.

Last month, Spotify revealed the most streamed content on Spotify Kids.