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Spotify reveal what songs, artists, playlists and stories families streamed the most this year on Spotify Kids.

2020 was a year where many kids around the world stayed home more than ever, with home schooling, remote learning and virtual birthday parties becoming the norm. Many families turned to Spotify Kids to keep children entertained and distracted during the day.

Spotify Kids is the streaming service’s stand-alone app for kids aged 3+, exclusive to Spotify Premium Family subscribers. Loaded with 300,000 kid-friendly tracks, over 1,300 playlists, content stays fresh and ensures children aren’t repeating the same track everyday. With each profile as its own, children’s libraries, listening habits and personalization doesn’t interfere with parents’ and other family members.

As with other platforms such as Deezer and Shazam, 2020’s most streamed track in the US was Tones And I – Dance Monkey. This makes sense, according to a survey, kids favourite genre was pop. Other pop artists in the US top 10 included Dove Cameron from The Descendants and JoJo Siwa. The top artist in Sweden was Dolly Style, with The Wiggles taking the top spot in New Zealand.

KIDS BOP Kids took the number one spot for top artists in the US.

It’s been amazing to see how music has helped bring people together this year. We’ve loved seeing kids singing and dancing along to their favorite KIDZ BOP songs at home with their families—just like us!

Alana, Ayden, Egan and Layla of KIDZ BOP
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Movie soundtracks were also a big hit among kids. The top songs from films were:

The Spotify survey also noted 44% of US parents said lullabies were a big part of children’s listening, with some of the top scoring playlists focused on relaxed and dreamy tunes.

Many families used Spotify for stories. The top stories this year included The Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey, LEGO Ninjago, and Peter Pan.

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