Shared Playlists on Spotify Kids lets you share music with your child

Spotify Kids’ latest feature allows you to share your playlists with your little one, supplementing the library of 300,000 kid-friendly tracks.

2020’s most streamed tracks, artists, playlists and stories on Spotify Kids

Spotify reveal what songs, artists and stories families streamed the most this year on Spotify Kids.

Spotify’s new ‘Tips and Tricks’ initiative hopes to show you features you may not have known about

Spotify’s Twitter page @SpotifyCares is dedicated to showing you tips, tricks and how-tos, as well as engaging with users to solves issues. Whether it’s customizing your Spotify profile, creating playlists of both music and podcasts, redeeming…

Spotify Kids launch 2 new features to help parents ensure their kids the best streaming experience

Parents have been given more control to make sure their kids are enjoying Spotify whilst ensuring they don’t see and hear anything unwanted. Spotify Kids is the recently launched app from the music streaming giant…

Spotify Kids comes to the US, Canada and France at the best possible time

Spotify have launched their standalone kids app in 3 new countries just when parents will need it most. Last November Spotify launched their new music streaming app aimed just at children in Ireland. After a…