American TV Star and host, Ryan Seacrest just released a promo for his new show on YouTube, which gets the public to cover a song, send it in and possibly get the chance to play with their dream musical star.

Ryan Seacrest’s new show is to be called ‘Best. Cover. Ever.’ and is to be hosted by Ludacris. The show will be exclusive to YouTube and will revolve around the popularity of posting covers on YouTube, lets face it, there’s nothing you see more of on YouTube than covers of famous tracks.

The show aims to spotlight up and coming artist’s and propel them into stardom by getting the general public to send in videos of a chosen song and then famous artist’s judge these videos and pick the 2 best to come and perform on the show itself. The winner of the competition will get to sing on stage with the star that chose them as a talented artist.

Many artist’s rise to fame this way through YouTube including Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen and so this chance of getting on a covers show could possibly be the make or break of some lucky individual.

The show is set to premiere later on this year, and it encourages artists to have fun with the covers, change them up a little bit. You don’t necessarily have to play the song exactly how it was recorded, maybe even change some chords, tempo or even the genre. One thing they are very clear on though is that all the music has to be performed by the individual so backing track’s and such forth aren’t allowed but there’s still time to learn a little guitar or piano if you haven’t yet.

You can find great idea’s on Spotify’s Ultimate Cover’s Playlist and there are plenty of current covers on YouTube to have a look through. We are yet to hear who the first set of celebrity guest’s are but when we get closer, they may release certain track’s to cover or album’s to chose from etc.

Anyway I know I will be entering, so Good Luck to everyone who decides to go for it and have fun!