Yandex.Music, a Russian music streaming service has tripled their subscribers putting them just behind Apple Music and beating Google Play.

Yandex.Music, music streamer from “the Russian Google” Yandex, have revealed that they increased their subscribers to 250,000. With thousands of new subscribers Yandex.Music is now the second biggest streaming service in Russia ahead of all rivals, including major worldwide streamers, except for Apple Music.

Whilst there is a free tier to Yandex.Music on computers their 250,000 subscribers are all paid users and include mobile packages. In Russia Google Play Music reports 100,000 users, putting Yandex far ahead, but with 600,000 subscribers in Russia Apple Music is still dominating.

Yandex added a subscription to their service on smartphones in 2012 and 2013, for iPhone and Android respectively, after launching in 2010 as a free service. According to Billboard AppAnnie reports that Yandex.Music is in the top 5 most popular applications for all of Russia.

Whilst they’re currently beaten by a foreign competitor, Apple, up until a couple of years ago Australian streamer Guvera was the only foreign streaming service in the country. After launching in Russia in 2014 Guvera pulled their service from the nation last year.

Spotify had planned a Russian launch for a while but eventually cancelled plans in 2015 for various reasons. Ex-Google executive Alexander Kubaneishvili who was leading the launch said: “I regret to inform you that Spotify refused to launch in Russia in the foreseeable future. There are several reasons – the economic crisis, the political situation, the new laws governing the internet.”

Vedomosti reported that in 2016 Russia’s music streaming operations were worth 2.4 billion rubles, or $34 million, and that is without some of the biggest streamers revenue reports. Subscriptions to Yandex.Music cost between 169 and 229 rubles a month, or $2.80 and $3.80 in US dollars.