Twelve fruity tracks for your ears that were distributed through RouteNote.

Roll up, roll up, RouteNote has yet again another fantastic selection of new music for you to devour. As always all these releases were distributed (for free) with RouteNote and have been added to our in-house playlists. This week’s musical treats range from big EDM beats through to subtle lo-fi, there’s something for everyone.

The following tracks have been added to RouteNote’s exciting new Spotify playlists: Catalyst specializing in dance and chill house, Lo-Fi our chilled hip-hop relaxation playlist, Hooked with high tempo, motivational dance music, and the mellow treasure trove Tranquilize.

Going Deeper – Go Together

The track is a collaborative effort from Going Deeper, Jordan Miller, and Jaki Nelson and is destined to be played loud at home, on the beach, and in the clubs. A perfect track for our Hooked playlist.

Future Friends – Till I Die

Another massive-sounding EDM track from Future Friends with stunning vocals from NINE. ‘Till I Die’ is the ultimate dance track, allowing for the listener to let go and dance the night away. A stunning addition to our Hooked playlist.

Krmoni – Beggin

A new artist on the scene but one that is already making waves, especially with their latest track ‘Beggin’, a thumping dance remix of a classic. Check it out now on the Hooked playlist.

Fløa – Phosphene

Sit back and relax whilst the tranquil yet charming sounds of Fløa’s latest release whisk you away. Check out the new release on our Catalyst playlist now.

Metrøx – Don’t Wanna Fight It

A sultry, sensual song that is driven forward by harmony-driven vocals and subtle beats. A wonderful listen and a great addition to our Catalyst playlist.

Austin Salter – Loverboy

An anthemic atmosphere that offers arms reaching out for the sky experience, an almost perfect dance track. Our Catalyst playlist just got bigger thanks to this track.

Buffle – Majestic View

The latest release from Buffle is a terminally chill track that can be enjoyed late at night with mood lighting or in the morning with a hot cuppa joe. A great addition to our lo-fi playlist.

Flex – Redbone lofi mix

A stunning remix of Childish Gambino’s ‘RedBone’, bringing forward a grainy, subtle, yet recognizable sound. A must listen on our lofi playlist.

glxy – Searching You

This cinematic soundscape is a stunning body of work that boasts glxy’s beat-making and inventiveness. Check it out today on the lofi playlist.

Samual Howard – Came and Went

Samual Howard is a troubadour of the finest order, a true storyteller. Through his stunning vocals and subtle strokes of the guitar, Samual will take you on a poetic journey. A fantastic addition to our Tranquilize playlist.

Hernán Perez – Sunset memories

A perfect track to start your day with from Hernán Perez that has subtle guitars and a chilled hip-hop beat, perfect for our Tranquilize playlist.

Sizzle Bird – Echoes of the Shire

It’s hard to actually describe Sizzlebird’s music but the best way might be to say imagine if the Lord of the Rings universe discovered dance music, then this is what they would make. Check out something genuinely new on our Tranquilize playlist now.