Image credit: Antares Tech

The new app from the inventors of Auto-Tune allows you to find the key of any song, and it’s free!

The makers (Antares) of Auto-Tune have recently announced their free app ‘Auto Key Mobile’, an app designed to find the key of any song. It may not be as revolutionary as the Auto-Tune but it will be a useful tool for artists, composers, and producers.

The app can quickly detect the key of any song or other audio source. The user simply needs to tap a button, hold up their phone, and both the major and minor keys should be found. The app appears to operate similarly to Shazam, the music finding app.

This app will come in handy mostly when you’re looking to play a song by ear, however, Auto-Key Mobile also syncs up with Antares’ Auto-Tune and Harmony Engine plugins, setting the key for you meaning you don’t need to work it out.

Steve Berkley, CEO, Antares Audio Technologies explains: “Auto-Key Mobile can quickly identify the key of any song, which is an incredible power to give to anybody who makes music.” Adding: “From casual musicians to the most highly technical recording engineers and producers, Auto-Key Mobile is an invaluable time-saving tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone. It’s like having perfect pitch in your pocket.”

Auto-Key Mobile is available on iOS and Mac (free!) with Android and Windows versions on the way soon.