Here we have a cracking selection of exciting new releases for you to explore. They’re going straight across RouteNote’s four curated playlists this week.

Each week, RouteNote’s four curated playlists get refreshed with a batch of tasty new releases. We’re always excited to hear the new tracks uploaded to RouteNote before we send them out across the globe.

Our playlists show off some of the finest artists who release music through RouteNote. The four mixes are Hooked, which brings the party, Catalyst with a selection of house music from mellow to pumping, Lo-Fi for chilled hip-hop beats, and finally the easy listening vibes of Tranquilize.

Here’s a selection of twelve of songs that pricked up our ears and made it onto the RouteNote playlists this week.

NALYRO, Edward Snellen – Wolves

Kicking off our Hooked playlist this Selena Gomez cover is perfect for a workout. Get going on the treadmill with a dramatic booming bass drum hit. The delicate vocal is taken on a rollercoaster by the energising bass and atmospheric synth lines.

Swanky Tunes – Never Slow Down

Another great workout track to keep you motivated. “Never Slow Down” opens with gentle acoustic guitar before the steady beat kicks in. That melody will stick in your head, too.

Slydee – Activate My Love

Get pumped for the weekend with this huge high speed dance track from RouteNote’s Hooked playlist. The wild tempo is kept under control by echoing finger clicks and a catchy instrumental line.

JB Hain – moment

Drop it down several gears now and let JB Hain take you on a journey. From our Catalyst playlist, “moment” starts with gentle piano and graduates to glitchy verses, with thumping bass and muted piano slipping in and out.

Know You – Alone with You

Another glitchy treat for our Catalyst playlist. Retro video game sounds mix featuring a dreamy but unsettling vocal from Emily Davina.

NO-VA – Lend Me Your Heart

We’re closing up our Catalyst selections in style with “Lend Me Your Heart,” with an epic orchestral opening that folds into an emotional electronic extravaganza.

Sweet Oscar – A Swing Thing

Heading into the relaxing realms of our Lo-Fi playlist next. “A Swing Thing” skips along with a jazz lilt, a lovely accompaniment to pottering around the house.

golden era – Thats What I Want (lofi version)

The Lil Nas X track “THATS WHAT I WANT” is slowed way down by golden era and replaced with a lofi hip-hop vibe, keeping the catchy tune but repackaging it as an instrumental that’s perfect for helping you to study.

Cloudy Cat – Lofi Lullaby

A cheerful, cute instrumental from Cloudy Cat, “Lofi Lullaby” has chilled video game vibes, rounding off our Lo-Fi selections for this week.

Warmseat, Borrtex – Walking Alone

Finally we have three tracks from the relax-tastic Tranquilize playlist. Taken from the Feuilles EP, this is a perfect track to stroll around to as the air turns autumnal.

Dreamy Kid – cold air

Gorgeous guitar and a gentle beat make “cold air” a great song to wind down to at the end of a frantic day.

Seyu – Dancer

The final RouteNote track we’re shining a light on this week is “Dancer,” with soulful vocals from Seyu that lie in beautiful layers over the menacing beat.

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