We have a brand new look for your discography page that makes arranging and releasing your music the greatest and easiest experience yet!

Welcome to the all new home for all of the music you have uploaded and released through RouteNote. We’ve redesigned your discography page to pack it with more features, make it easier to navigate through every release and see their statuses and enhance your whole music distribution experience.

We’ve arranged the columns so that you can simply sort through your releases that need some work, the one’s that we’re looking at, all of your music that has been approved to go online, and any that have been removed from sale.

Now it’s easy to look at your releases and see all the details without having to open up a new page. Check out how many tracks are in each release, the details of each track, when it was approved and more right in your Discography page.

RouteNote discography independent music artists edit releases streaming online

What’s more: If you feel your release is ready to go Premium, or you want to stop paying for it and move it to free, it’s as simple as selecting the new slider on any release!

Our new design also lets you sort through all your releases in any way that suits you. Display all of your releases in a List or have them arranged in Grid View so you can browse through even easier. Then sort them in the order of date, artist name if you have multiple artists on your account, release titles in alphabetic order, or by the releases with the most tracks.

Last but definitely not least, we have optimised the page so that it loads much quicker for you! No more waiting around to see all the music you’ve published online with RouteNote.

If you have any issues please get in touch at support@routenote.com.