UnitedMaster’s free plan only lets artists distribute to four partners. RouteNote hide no stores or features behind a paywall.

UnitedMasters offer music distribution to some of the top stores, streaming services and social media platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon Music and TIDAL, however this is limited to just Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud when you upload to their free tier. RouteNote on the other hand distribute to all of the above, plus the following that aren’t offered by UnitedMasters’ free or paid SELECT service: Claro Música, eMusic, Nuuday, Kanjian, Melon, Bugs!, NAVER VIBE, NetEase Cloud Music, Kuack, Huawei Music and FLO. RouteNote do not restrict any stores or features to paying using only.

Both RouteNote and UnitedMasters provide users with a split royalties tool, streaming data, earnings reports and payment via PayPal. UnitedMasters’ MasterLinks allows artists to send fans a single landing page with links to their music, artist page, merch and tour info across stores and social site. RouteNote also provides this service via our partner PUSH.fm with Fan Links.

  • UnitedMasters: no fees, 90% for artists (limited stores)
  • UnitedMasters SELECT: $59.99 per year, 100% for artists
  • RouteNote Free: no fees, 85% for artists (all stores)
  • RouteNote Premium: fee per release plus $9.99 per year, 100% for artists

For free distribution to all of the top stores, streaming services and social media platforms, head to RouteNote today.