We’re seeing more and more artists who distribute with RouteNote making their way onto Spotify’s massive playlists each week.

We pride ourselves on giving artists the option to control their own destiny and release their music out into the world on their own terms, for free. We love seeing artists shine all of their own accord and thanks to RouteNote and online music services they can truly shine!

We’ve been thrilled to see how many artist who have released their music independently with us lining Spotify’s influential playlists. Many artists who use RouteNote to get their music online have been featured alongside some of the world’s biggest artists.

This week we saw the gorgeous summery EDM sounds of Midsplit hit the hugely popular mint Canada playlist. Teaming up with BLEM and A-SHO, Good Dream is one of those special tracks that allows you to hear the sound of summer in every beat.

This week we also saw Koni and Devan reach over 1.5 million listeners on the ultimate Girls’ Night playlist. Bringing back the magic of Destiny’s Child they’ll be soundtracking nights around the world alongside giant artists.

Every week we are seeing more and more artists who have used our free and simple services to get their music on the top streaming services and stores around the world featured in amazing places. The music industry is evolving and with it DIY artists are reclaiming power.

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