In a new test, YouTube are experimenting with providing some viewers with AI generated summaries on select videos.

A recently updated support page titled ‘YouTube test features and experiments’ details the new feature, designed to let viewers read a quick auto-generated summary about a video. To begin, the feature will be available on watch and search pages, on a limited number of English-only videos, to a limited number of viewers.

YouTube notes that this feature isn’t built to replace video descriptions, which are written by the video’s creator. Google spokesperson Jen Jamie gave a fairly stock answer when questioned about the feature by The Verge:

We are testing a new feature for viewers that uses generative AI to create summaries for YouTube videos. We frequently test new features before they are officially launched so that we can build and refine the best experience for our viewers and creators.

Jen Jamie, Google spokesperson to The Verge

This was followed up in the article by specifying the feature may be seen on vlogs, shopping and how-to videos on mobile.

Google and YouTube have been testing implementing generative AI into various products and features this year. YouTube Premium subscribers can sign up to participate in similar upcoming tests here.