Pioneer’s new DDJ-REV5 is the third REV controller in the series, further extending the DDJ series catalogue for DJs.

The REV5 is a budget-friendly “next-generation” scratch controller designed with open-format Djs and turntablists in mind.

Pioneer DDJ-REV5

The new Pioneer DDJ-REV5 is an open-format DJ controller and represents the latest in the evolution of Pioneer’s DDJ series. With big motorized platter-stye jog wheels boasting a vinyl texture, the DDJ-REV5 isn’t too dissimilar to its older and somewhat more sibling, the REV7.

The control layout keeps true to turntable layouts while the REV5 also features long tempo sliders placed above the deck sections in true Pioneer REV fashion. Performance Pads and Lever FX sit in the mixer section, and it wouldn’t be a 2023 Pioneer DJ unit if it didn’t have a Magvel crossfader for precise cuts & chops.

Like the FLX10, the REV5 offers dedicated Stem Seperation controls whereby you can isolate, control, and apply effects to various parts of a track. Whether it’s the bass, melody, vocals, or drums, you can isolate any of these track components and blend them with other tracks.

Something that is pretty unique for the REV5 is its new “Piano Play” feature. Using this tool, DJs can trigger track cue points in different semitones and play them with the performance. Pioneer states, “[Piano Play] changes in pitch are arranged so the pads form a keyboard with the “white” keys on the bottom row and the “black” ones at the top”.

Equally as cool as it is new is the new Auto BPM Transition feature. Multi-genre DJs spend a lot of time bouncing between tempos, but the REV5 can do this for you. Simply select a number of bars for your transition, hit the button, and watch the currently-playing track gradually alter its own tempo to match the track you’re bringing in.

Connectivity-wise, the REV5 has two USB-C ports on the back of it with XLR Master outs.

Pricing and availability

Compatible with both Serato DJ and rekordbox, the DDJ-REV5 is available to buy now for $1,099. This is quite a hefty price tag for a DJ controller that isn’t a flagship unit, with some people taking to Reddit to express their thoughts. The REV5 is slightly lower in price than the DDJ-REV7 ($1,999), Pioneer’s top of the range REV battle controller.