Propellerhead have launched Reason 9, an updated version of their popular, creative freedom based DAW and its pretty great.

Reason 9 introduces three Player devices that instantly transforms any MIDI input into compelling music. Note Echo creates rhythmic, pitched MIDI delays for melodies, drum rolls and more. Scales and Chords turns simple melodies into beautiful harmonies and chords so you can stay focused on the music making.

Transpose notes to a selected scale and automatically generate chords for your song, no music theory required. Dual Arpeggio transforms chords into intricate and inspiring rhythms. From classic up-and-down to polyphonic and polyrhythmic, Dual Arpeggio breathes new life into any instrument in your Reason rack.

DAW Reason MIDI music production

Reason’s new Pitch Edit mode helps you produce flawless vocals. Fix out-of-tune notes, adjust vibrato, change your timing, create new melodies from your recording, change the dynamics, and more. Audio to MIDI lets you convert your vocals to MIDI notes for endless sound manipulation possibilities.

DAW Reason Propellerhead music production

Reason 9 also comes with 1000 new cutting-edge sounds to ignite your creativity. Whether you make chart-topping anthems or the sound of the underground, Reason’s new sound bank will take your music to the next level. The legendary Reason rack is also enhanced with key workflow improvements and darker theme options, perfect for late-night studio sessions.

DAW MIDI Reason music production

Reason 9 also now includes the popular Pulsar dual channel LFO – previously available as a Rack Extension ($49) via the propellerhead shop. Use Pulsar to introduce variation to your sounds, create entirely new ones using its advanced and flexible modulation, or load up on any of the masterfully crafted presets for instant inspiration.

Propellerhead Product Marketing Manager, Mattias Häggström Gerdt said of the update:

We’ve seen unprecedented interest in Reason 9 since the beta launched last month, with over 70,000 viewers tuning in to watch our Facebook live stream events. Now we’re excited to make this latest version available to everyone.

With new played devices, new sounds, Pitch Edit, numerous workflow enhancements, and the addition of our popular Pulsar dual-channel LFO synth, Reason 9 is the best version yet for taking musical ideas from inspiration to completion.

Propellerhead currently have a grace period where customers who bought Reason 8 on or after May 1st are eligible for a free upgrade to Reason 9. Head here for details:

Reason 9 costs $449, or $129 to upgrade from any previous versions of Reason. A limited version, Reason Essentials 9, is available for $129. Purchase them from the Propellerhead website.