Qobuz is now available on Samsung Smart TVs

Image Credit: Samsung

190 million household in 197 countries around the world have a Samsung Smart TV running the Tizen operating system, so it makes sense this would be where Qobuz makes its TV debut. These TV owners in the 18 markets where the music platform currently operates will be able to download Qobuz from the Galaxy Store. The new app is featured front-and-center of the store this month as an Editor’s Choice. Qobuz users will be able to sign in via a QR code interface. Hopefully we’ll see the app launch on other smart TV operating systems in the near future, such as LG’s webOS and Android TV.

Qobuz have brought the full experience over to the TV with subscribers able to stream over 70 million tracks, curated genres, editorial playlists, exclusive content and of course hi-res music. This comes alongside the download store Qobuz offers for those that prefer to own the music they listen to. Subscriptions start at $12.99 per month or $129.99 annually, while new subscribers can sign up to a one month free trial.

Samsung is dedicated to redefining home entertainment and pushing the boundaries of what customers can expect from Smart TVs. The launch of Qobuz on Samsung Smart TVs illustrates how dynamic the smart TV experience has become, both as a single platform as well as a hub for the entire connected home.

Maya Harris, Sr. Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Samsung Electronics

Smart TV apps are frequently requested by our subscribers so it makes sense to develop for the biggest first. It’s exciting to know that our service will get in front of so many music fans and all the potential customers in the Samsung ecosystem.

Dan Mackta, Managing Director, Qobuz USA

To get your own music on Qobuz in FLAC format for free, sign up to RouteNote today.

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