France’s music industry is growing each year and the latest publishing reports show how strong 2018 was.

The latest figures from the French music publishing trade associations The CSDEM and CEMF show considerable growth in 2018. According to their reports two-thirds of 15,000 new French work published in 2018 were from new talents.

Their Barometer of Music Publishing report analysed the country’s music publishing results between 2017-2018. They found that revenues were up 7% to €393 million (roughly $466 million) taking data from 280 companies covering major and indie music publishing.

The publishers they’ve surveyed together reported an average of €6 million each in 2018. Export rights which see French work used abroad also grew by 7% showing the world picking up their cultural output more as well.

France’s music industry has been interwoven with the global revolution of music based heavily around digital services. Two of the world’s major streaming services in Deezer and Qobuz are of French origin. Last year we reported that for the first time digital music was worth more than physical music in the country for the first time.