Play your vinyl upside down or on the wall with this floating record player

Wheel is a new minimal record player that takes the basic record player design and flips it on it’s head, literally it is pretty much upside down.

Wheel is the new record player from Miniot, designers of luxury cases for phones and tablets, and of course adds a unique touch to the traditional record player. It has been designed so that the needle comes from underneath the records, minimising dust collection, giving you a good view of your record and, the most cool feature of all, hang it vertically on the wall.

In essence, Wheel is a high quality record player turned upside down. The heavy aluminium platter is driven by an electronically stabilized belt drive at a dead-on 33.3 or 45 rpm. The outer ring of the platter supports and secures the record, while eliminating resonance. A vibration isolated block inside of the cavity of the platter contains the linear tonearm, belt drive, amplifiers and electronics. Newly developed bearing systems for both the platter and tonearm guarantee an imperceptible noise level and a clear and crisp output.

With the record sitting flat on top of the player, filling it’s space, all functions are controlled with the center stick that you place your record on. Turn the stick to adjust volume levels, or click it into place to turn it On and off or switch tracks. All fragile moving parts are built in so as to protect the stylus and your records from damage.

Wheel’s linear tonearm is build around the beautiful AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge. With our tonearm, the AT95E offers a warm, rich sound, and outstanding clarity and detail. For a perfect match, the entire arm is micro machined out of a single piece of laminated mahogany. By using a single type of cartridge, we can fine-tune each tonearm for damping, resonance and weight distribution to make Wheel sounds its best.

The undistorted signal of the AT95E cartridge is sent straight to the RCA connectors. Without conversion or loss of signal. A switch lets you choose between phono or pre-amp line signal. The built-in high quality headphone amp serves the 3.5 mm jack. This way Wheel connects to all amplifiers and every type of active speakers.

floating vinyl record player

Wireless is an analog record player. It doesn’t run on batteries, and to unleash its full potential, it has to be wired to a good amplifier, speakers or headphones. However, it’s perfectly possible to connect a wireless transmitter to one of Wheel’s outputs (it still needs a power cord). This way you can use your Sonos or other wireless speakers.

Wheel is currently on Kickstarter where the Miniot team have managed to raise a massive €318,409 with a goal of just €50,000. You can pledge to the Kickstarter to guarantee yourself one of these unique Wheel vinyl players, with the lowest possible backing of €568 or more (30% off the retail price of $850 – €806) here:

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