Play bass and guitar at the same time with this new pickup

This unique pickup takes 2 signals at once so that you can effortlessly sound like half the band using just your guitar.

A Little Thunder is a very unique pickup. As opposed to octave pedal effects, this little humbucker is capable of shifting the low strings’ signal an octave or 2 lower whilst still outputting a regular guitar tone.

The pickup can apply it’s octave down effect to the bottom 1, 2 or 3 strings on your guitar – which can be set using software. It is charged using Micro USB and a red or green LED light is used to show whether a -1 octave or -2 octave effect is being applied.

The pickup has been around for a couple of years now but the creators have just announce version 2.0 for 2020. It even gets ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons’ seal of approval, who says: “It tracks elegantly without latency and it’s highly intuitive. A great innovation.”

A Little Thunder Pickups V2.0 offers:

  • Ultra High-Fi Bass Signal with near-zero latency & 1:1 string dynamics.
  • Low Note Priority mode (patented) can sense lowest note and gives bass signal to only that string.
  • Capacitive touch controls eliminate need for switches or knobs & allows perfect fit for humbucker rout.
  • Battery lasts up to 12 hours via ultra high density lithium polymer prismcell and can be recharged with included Micro USB cable rapidly.
  • Customizable with software. Choose between 1,2 or 3 strings for your bass signal, -1 octave, -2 octaves, or a combination of both, Low Note Priority, Stereo Humbucker Mode or wire to push/pull pot to control modes.

A Little Thunder humbucker pickup isn’t cheap, it will set you back $299. It is truly powerful though and the sound is genuinely impressive, not tacky or gimmicky as it could easily be. There is also a mounting ring available so it can be attached to acoustic guitars too.

Find out more and purchase your own if you want to add a new dimension to your playing from their website.

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