Millions of people come to Google for details and tickets for live concerts and they’re using all that data to help artists and labels out with DEMAND.

DEMAND is a new data analytics platform from Google’s lab team for experimental projects, Area 120. They saw the amount of data on live music that was coming through searches and website clicks and thought; There must be something we can do with this!

So they did and now their new platform DEMAND is available to provide unique insights into live events. It uses Google Trends data to analyse what people are searching for and intertwine it with data from Google Play Music and YouTube to define artist popularity and interest.

With a wealth of data at their fingerprints they decided to expand the information they were able to gauge. So they partnered with third-party data services to get concert pricing from the past and now and combine it with other data to gauge the price of tickets, where and for who.

With all of their data compiled they are now able to offer deep live event insights on other 19,000 artists.

Artist Trends: See interest in artists over time and compare them to other artists.
Ticket Pricing: View the costs for tickets from the past and in real-time including on primary and secondary ticket markets. The percentage of tickets available is also displayed.
Announcement Effectiveness: See the activity for on-sale announcements by artists in real-time. Filter the data by geography to use it to advise your own announcements.

The data platform is the ideal accompaniment for artists, labels, managers and venue teams alike. It advises on the best way to price and announce concerts and helps them keep track of the artists who are hot. It goes further as well will branding opportunities as the data shows which brands align with artists based on search preferences.

The team behind it said: “We believe that DEMAND will serve as an equaliser. Even rising artists booking their own club stops and unknown venues can benefit by seeing where similar styles of artists performed well – or not so well – and at what prices.

“It’s our hope that DEMAND’s data will nurture the rise of these new artists while creating opportunities across the live music spectrum.”

Users can sign up to get whitelisted at no cost here: