In collaboration with United Plugins, SoundDevice Digital has unveiled Plamen – a new multi-band saturation plugin.

Plamen from United Plugins and SoundDevice Digital is a multi-band saturator, adding a fresh character, precision, and balance to your signals. With the power to apply diverse saturations to each frequency band, Plamen crafts a distinct yet harmonious tone.

Plamen: multi-band saturator

Plamen offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to add warmth and depth to your instruments and mixes with ease. Furthermore, Plament stands out from the crowd of saturation plugins thanks to its capacity to apply distinct saturations to individual frequency bands inside a signal.

As a result, you can sculpt and refine all of your sounds with precision while the flexibility of Plamen ensures a balanced tone, meaning you can preserve and enhance the dynamic intricacies of your track.

Through its intuitive user interface, Plamen allows you to fine-tune tonal balances, manage the dynamics, and apply a professional polish to your tracks. At the same time, the plugin’s real-time visual feedback and customizable parameters foster an engaging mixing experience.

Although Plamen boasts a number of knobs, applying saturation in the plugin is pretty straightforward. After choosing the saturation type of which there are five, you can dial the band’s input gain and choose the parallel amount of colour you want to add before balancing the band’s output volume. 

Meanwhile, Plamen offers five distinct saturation types covering a diverse range of colours, making it easy to choose the perfect character for your signal. Each band can use three classic analog preamp types, simulation of magnetic tape saturation or clipping.

You can use Plamen on vocals, instrument tracks, synthesizers and basses, in addition to whole mixes and master tracks. Applying different levels of saturation and differing characteristics to different frequency bands with different settings, your signal becomes more dynamic in style as it does loudness. As a result, you can create interesting textures, harmonics, and timbres that may not be achievable with traditional saturation techniques.

Pricing and availability

Plamen is available for both Windows and macOS systems, available in VST/VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

For a limited time, you can get Plamen for an introductory price of $19 until October 10th when the regular price will be $89.