Meta have just launched the Threads web app, letting over 100 million users access the text-based social media platform on desktop.

Since launching in early July, many users have been calling for Threads to come to the web for desktop access. The Instagram team have been working on bringing this feature since launch. After spending the last week teasing its release, Threads is now available at

Anyone can login or create an account using their Instagram details. From the web app, users can catch up on posts they’ve missed, switch between For you (algorithmically-sorted feed of following and recommended posts) and Following (chronological feed of posts just from accounts you follow) feeds, create a new Thread and attach photos or videos, reply and repost, view your profile, search for profiles, and see your notifications.

This news is particularly useful for businesses who were previously forced to post and engage with users from the mobile app. Now we just need scheduling. Other new features users have been calling for, that Threads have confirmed they’re working on include an edit button, multiple account support, post search, hashtags, translation and access from the EU (without a VPN 😏).

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