Arturia has unveiled yet another analog emulation with the release of its Acid V synth VST.


Capturing the distinctive essence of the iconic Roland TB-303, Arturia’s new bassline synthesizer brings the instrument that played a pivotal role in shaping the acid house genre to our DAWs.

However, the surprising twist is that Acid V goes beyond replication and propels the classic sound into uncharted experimental territory.

Arturia Acid V

Arturia’s expertise in recreating vintage synths is well-established, and Acid V is no exception. Now, this new synth stands as a tribute to the revered TB-303 with painstakingly accurate component-level modelling.

The synth’s hallmark features, like sawtooth and square waveform selection, slides, accents, and scale changes are at the forefront. But where Acid V truly shines is in its transformation of the classic sound.

What sets Acid V 303 apart is its innovative approach to effects. Arturia’s plugin amplifies the inherent sonic potential of the TB-303, offering a host of advanced effects to craft a sound that’s deeper, darker, and more impactful than the original.

Arturia Acid V. Image: Arturia

This audacious approach aligns with Acid V’s core philosophy of movement, expression, and experimentation and empowers musicians to create polymetric sequences and scale-based patterns.

Beyond its faithful replication, Acid V introduces modern tweaks and enhancements like a versatile sub-oscillator for additional low-end depth. The sequencer, which was a crucial element of the TB-303’s charm, receives a user-friendly overhaul too. Furthermore, the Acid V also boasts an intuitive piano roll interface for seamless composition too!

Arturia’s Acid V has garnered positive attention from industry experts as the plugin’s advanced features, effects, and authenticity have been highlighted. Upon reviewing the plugin, MusicTech noted, “It’s squelchy and meaty and will certainly satisfy your acid cravings… a total winner and another triumph for Arturia.”

Price and compatibility

Arturia’s Acid V is compatible with both Windows and Mac in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Producers can download a demo from Arturia’s website, and existing customers of Arturia products can take advantage of an introductory discount by logging into their accounts.

Meanwhile, those new to the Arturia ecosystem will need to pay an introductory price of $99, a considerable discount from the regular price of $199.