Dubreq has unveiled the Stylophone Beat, a compact and budget-friendly pocket-sized drum machine. The perfect portable drum machine for producers and hobbyists alike!

This reimagined version of the original Stylophone Beatbox is a battery-powered device and offers the same capabilities in a conveniently portable design.

Dubreq Stylophone Beat – pocket-sized drum machine

The Stylophone Beat gives you four drum kits with a sonic range of sounds from classic tones to authentic beatbox samples. The team at Dubreq has arranged these sounds across a silver metal plate that you can engage with using the provided stylus. You can blend sounds as a result of this simple interface, empowering you to craft your own distinct rhythms and drum patterns.

The Stylophone Beat lacks a drum sequencer which distinguishes it from Dubreq’s original fully powered Beatbox. However, it compensates with a built-in looper, facilitating the capture of drum sounds into loops. Additionally, the device offers an automatic tempo lock and multi-layer recording option which further enhances Stylophone Beat’s creative potential. In fact, the Beat drum machine boasts a built-in speaker on its top side while an audio output enables seamless connection to external audio sources.

With its blend of nostalgia and modern functionality, the Stylophone Beat offers a captivating solution for those seeking a portable and accessible drum machine.

Pricing and availability

The Stylophone Beat is available to pre-order now and comes with an accessible price tag of $39.95, making it an attractive and affordable addition to the toolkit of musicians, hobbyists, and creative enthusiasts alike.

Limited units are available to begin with, but you can sign up now with your email to qualify for an exclusive pre-order with no upfront payment required. Dubreq notes that you will receive an email with your product link when the units are ready to ship in the next few weeks.