All it takes is the right person hearing and liking your music and it can take your music to thousands of new listeners, but getting to that person can be a challenge.

It’s easy to get your music online on the top streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, download stores like iTunes and Amazon, and many more. We send you there for free. But once your music is live and available around the world it’s time to find those ears who are going to listen to it.

You don’t need a big PR team, you don’t need a label, and you don’t even have to pay for a lot of the great routes available to getting yourself in front of music influencers.


Easily one of the best ways to get your music out in front of new people for free is SubmitHub. SubmitHub works to get your music out and heard by influencers writing for publications and blogs, YouTube Channels, playlist makers, labels and more people with an audience.

You choose the blogs and influencers who you feel suit your music most so that it’s getting in front of the right people who might like your music. They will take a listen and let you know if they like it and want to share it on their platform.

You use credits to send your music to influencers on SubmitHub and there’s a free way to do it and an enhanced Premium method.

You get 2 standard credits every four hours. With a standard credit you can send your music to an influencer/publication of your choice and it will be added to their feed. You’ll be notified if they like it and want to share it, they may give you feedback, or they may move on if they aren’t interested.

SubmitHub says that 4% of standard submissions get approved which considering they’re free and regularly updated is pretty great for some free promotion.

Premium credits cost a small amount but have a much larger success rate and guarantee a listen. A Premium submission will be responded to within 48 hours (96 for labels), they will listen to it for at least 20 seconds, and either approve your song or let you know their thoughts if they don’t approve it.

Premium credits start at $6 for 5 and get progressively cheaper the more you buy. Roughly 11% of Premium submissions get approved.

SubmitHub is an amazingly simple and affordable asset for music promotion and it’s great whether your just starting out or already have a giant audience.

The Chainsmokers attest to the power of tools like SubmitHub, saying: “We started on blogs and they did a great service for us, so we feel it’s important to keep ourselves and our music grounded in them. We’ve built relationships with a lot of these sites since day one so we love staying in touch! Before we would send 2,000 emails to each blog trying to stand out but you guys changed it dramatically.”

If you want an artists candid review of SubmitHub looking at what makes it great and where it could be better, check out this balanced review.