SoundCloud Go Launches In UK & Ireland For Ad-Free Streaming

5 weeks after launching their first ever subscription service in the US, ‘SoundCloud Go’ has arrived in the UK and Ireland.

SoundCloud Go is the debut of a paid service for listeners, not artists, on the platform. It launched for American customers on the 29th of March and just over a month later it’s spreading to the UK and Ireland.

With SoundCloud Go you get to listen to all your favourite music without advertisements and gain access to more music than on SoundCloud free. For example Kanye West made his much talked about recent album, The Life of Pablo, available on SoundCloud exclusively to Go subscribers.

With over 125 million tracks available to listen to without interruption you can build your own playlists featuring any tracks spanning SoundCloud Go’s expansive catalog. For comparison Spotify only has roughly 30 million tracks. On top of all that you can save any of the available tracks for offline listening on mobile devices.

SoundCloud subscription service

SoundCloud CEO Alexander Ljung spoke on their new subscription offering, saying: “We think of Go as an expanded version of the normal SoundCloud. It’s not like a different app or anything, it should feel the same. We tend to have a younger audience. It’s less of a spreadsheet and more of a Snapchat in terms of how you actually interact with it.

“It’s not so stale, it’s not just a utility. It’s actually something that’s alive. And just the fact that you can now build a playlist, for example, with the new Kanye album and remixes of it that don’t exist anywhere else, that’s a really special and unique experience. We are bringing a whole new revenue stream to the entire industry by thinking about how we can monetise derivative content.”

SoundCloud Go is available now to those in the UK and Ireland for £9.99 a month, or £4.99 a month with a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account. They haven’t given any dates for further expansions of their paid service but told Reuters: “We are planning to roll out to multiple territories this year. We are looking at a couple of years to really take this to the whole world.”

RouteNote Artists: If your music is already monetised on SoundCloud then it will be eligible for SoundCloud Go from the beginning. If you haven’t yet joined our SoundCloud Network then please login to your account and add your SoundCloud channel to receive monetisation, unlimited uploads, and more.

Free Loop Generator Creates Awesome Melodic Loops For Mac and Windows


This new app uses visual polygons to help you create loops based on mathematical principles – and it’s a lot funner than that sounds.

XronoMorph is a free OS X and Windows app from Dynamic Tonality for creating multilayered rhythmic and melodic loops (hockets). Each rhythmic layer is visualised as a polygon inscribed in a circle, and each polygon can be constructed according to two different mathematical principles: perfect balance and well-formedness (aka MOS).

These principles generalise polyrhythms, additive, and Euclidean rhythms. Furthermore, rhythms can be smoothly morphed between, and irrational rhythms with no regular pulse can also be easily constructed.

Each polygon can play an independent sound, and XronoMorph comes with a useful selection of samples to play the rhythms. Alternatively, you can load your own VST or AU plugins, or send MIDI to an external software or hardware synth. The rhythmic loops can be saved as presets within XronoMorph; they can also be saves as Scala scale tuning files, which means XronoMorph can be used as a tool for designing well-formed (MOS) and perfectly balanced microtonal scales.

Perfect balance is a generalisation of the polyrhythms found in many African and jazz musical traditions. A rhythm is perfectly balanced when the mean position (centre of gravity) of all its rhythmic events, when arranged on a circle, is the the centre of that circle.

Well-formedness is a generalisation of the additive rhythms found in aksak (Balkan), sub-Saharan African, and progressive rock musical traditions. Well-formed rhythms contain no more than two interonset intervals, arranged as evenly as possible. WF rhythm are typically nested by faster WF rhythms, which in combination form complex interlocking rhythmic hierarchies.

XronoMorph is available completely free for Windows 64-bit (32-bit coming soon) and Mac OS X.

Relive Coachella With 360° Performances On YouTube

Are you gutted that you missed out on possibly the biggest festival of the year? Or were you there and wish that you could go back and live it again? Thanks to YouTube’s 360-degree videos you can.

YouTube have hosted streams and videos of Coachella for years now but it was this year, with an update to their 360 videos, that they introduced 360 videos for Coachella.

From the official Coachella YouTube page you can view videos of loads of the acts and watch some of them in 360. Pop on some Google Cardboard glasses and live the concerts in virtual reality.

See some of the highlights for yourself and take a look around, literally:

YouTube Protecting Creators Further With Improved Content ID

YouTube have announced improvements to their Content ID program to protect creators and help them earn more revenues.

In a blog post yesterday YouTube announced that they’re developing a system to help creators continue earning money during a claim dispute. They addressed recent concerns, saying: “We understand just how important revenue is to our creator community, and we’ve been listening closely to concerns about the loss of monetisation during the Content ID dispute process.”

With their current system, when a video receives a copyright claim revenues stop for the video. This is to prevent wrongful gains but also means that false claims can result in a major loss of earnings, especially if a creator earns their livelihood through YouTube.

The new system that YouTube are developing allows videos to continue earning revenue whilst a Content ID claim is being disputed. Ad revenue earned on that video will be held until the dispute is resolved at which point whoever the rightful copyright owner is will receive their earnings.

Content ID claims ad revenue

YouTube are currently working on bringing this updated Content ID model “in the coming months”. In addition to improving Content ID YouTube say that they are looking into copyright claims on videos that use content under fair use – modifying content rather than copying it, for example a reaction video or mash-up of clips.

YouTube say: “We want to help both the YouTube community and copyright owners alike better understand what fair use looks like online, which is why we launched our fair use protection program last year and recently introduced new Help Center pages on this topic.

“We will continue to invest in both people and technology to make sure the Content ID keeps working for creators and rightsholders. We want to thank everyone who’s shared their concerns about unintended effects from Content ID claims. It’s allowed us to create a better system for everyone and we hope to share more updates soon.”

Stay tuned for any updates, we’ll report on them as they happen.

Vevo’s Update Looks Great and Personalises Your Music Video Experience

Vevo have overhauled their web design to look more like their mobile app, with a sleeker design and personalised recommendations.

From today when you head to Vevo’s web page you’ll be greeted by a page familiar to those who use the mobile app. Their update refreshes their user interface with a design that looks better and makes exploring music videos easier than ever.

Vevo’s update doesn’t just splash a coat of paint over their design as they’re bringing curation to their website. On their mobile app when you get started Vevo will ask you to select your music tastes, allowing them to create recommendations and a personalised feed of music videos. Now you can do all this on your computer too!

vevo music videos

But what if your tastes change after you first log in to Vevo? They’ve got you covered there too – as you watch and listen Vevo will use your history to update and improve it’s personalisation.

Also new is a larger video player, always nice, and a home page that shows it’s Spotlight feature, a feed where you can find the videos and playlists that Vevo recommends to you. You can also find new releases, top videos, genres, recently watched and featured playlists on the home page from today.

Last but not least, at least to some of you, Vevo have stopped Flash support. Vevo now use HTML5 to stream everything on their website.

Now You Can Watch Music Videos On Android With Apple Music

Yesterday Apple rolled out a new update for it’s Apple Music app on Android meaning you can watch music videos within the app.

Now Android users can watch music videos wherever they are on their Android smartphones. With a selection of thousands of music videos this update gives their music streaming service more content on Android, where some thought Apple might hold back to promote their own smartphones.

Apple are also adding the ability to sign up to a family subscription plan directly on the Android app. The family plan allows up to six people (Apple rather they be family) to access Apple Music using the same account for $14.99 a month, as opposed to the typical price of $9.99 a month.

Android app update

Apple Music’s new update means that their apps for iOS and Android are almost at an equal level. The Android app was released 5 months after the service was officially launched. Since launching their Android app Apple have updated it to allow saving songs for offline play on SD cards and even let you add an Apple Music widget to your homescreen, both things unavailable on iPhones.

Apple have been working on original video content for a while, recently teaming up with Vice for a docu-series about various, inclusive music cultures. It’s unclear whether they plan to make all their video content available on Android, including a rumoured upcoming show with Dr. Dre, but for now you can explore the thousands of music videos available through the app.

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s Music Video With Jean-Michel Jarre Is Here

Earlier this month we heard that legendary electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre was creating a track with renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The duo were brought together by The Guardian last year after Jarre expressed interest in Snowden. The electronic music pioneer said that Snowden reminded him of his mum and her position in the French resistance.

The track features a fast paced, techno beat that is broken in half by a statement on the importance and invasion of privacy. Whilst it’s a shame we don’t get to hear Snowden stretch his vocal cords it sends the message that both Jarre and Snowden are passionate about – being safe in a world that is so connected.

You can read more about how their track Exit came to be and watch a short video about the making of it here.


Digital Music Distributors Compared: RouteNote Vs TuneCore Vs CD Baby and Others

At RouteNote we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best deals for artists who want to get their music out for sale and on streaming services. It can be difficult when you’re starting out, especially if you have to pay to be heard.

Our free tier means that you can upload your music and get it on stores without spending ANYTHING. We also offer a premium tier that allows artists to pay a small fee and keep 100% of all profits, a great option for when your music career is kicking off.

How do we compare to the other distributors though? Lets take a look:


RouteNote Free RouteNote Premium TuneCore CD Baby EmuBands Zimbalam Ditto
Upfront Cost Free $10 $9.99 $9.95 $42.50 $19.99 $9
Annual Cost After First Year Free $9.99 $9.99 N/A N/A N/A $9
Sales Percentage 85% 100% 100% 91% 100% 90% 100%


RouteNote Free RouteNote Premium TuneCore CD Baby EmuBands Zimbalam Ditto
Upfront Cost Free $30 $29.99 $49 $84.95 $29.99 $30
Annual Cost After First Year Free $9.99 $49.99 N/A N/A N/A $30
Sales Percentage 85% 100% 100% 91% 100% 90% 100%

Note: These graphs are based on tiers that sell on digital stores and streaming services. Some of these companies have other tiers offering more/less at different pricing.

You can distribute your music to all the biggest stores and streamers including Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and many more.

Head to and sign up today to release your music for free or optionally pay and keep all your profits. Both our platforms work on a no lock-in basis so you can leave or switch tiers whenever you want

Apple Music Beating Spotify For Growth In The UK

Just days after Apple Music announced they’d reached an incredible 13 million subscribers in less than a year, it’s now revealed they’re subscriber growth is surpassing Spotify in the UK.

Music streamers rarely share specific countries’ stats and until now neither Spotify nor Apple Music have revealed numbers for the UK alone. Music Week were recently told by “recorded music sources” revealing Apple’s streaming service is catching up to streaming powerhouse Spotify at speed.

Their sources show that in October Apple Music had 376,000 subscribers in the UK whilst Spotify had 1.49 million. In January the updated results showed Apple Music with 679,000 UK subscribers, almost double the number in 3 months. Meanwhile Spotify’s Premium user base grew to 1.53 million. That puts Spotify still far in the lead, but shows the power of Apple Music and its quick ascension into the top streaming services, since it’s launch last June.

Apple aren’t just catching up in the UK however, as they’re making waves globally. With 13 million total subscribers Apple Music is almost halfway to Spotify’s 30 million paying customers. It took Spotify 8 years to get there and has taken Apple Music just 10 months.

In Spotify’s defense they’ve been around since before music streaming was the mainstream phenomena it is now, and have been building themselves up from scratch since their inception in 2008. Apple Music is new, and acceleration is a lot quicker at the beginning for most anything. Additionally Apple has a multi-billion dollar company, trusted by consumers for decades already, behind it, so maybe they have an advantage.

According to an update in Music Week’s post, whilst Spotify declined to comment a close source said including all subscription variants they have about 3 million UK subscribers.

Onkyo’s New Hi-Res Portable Player Changes The Game

Onkyo are taking portable music to the next step with their new high resolution, dual amp, android powered player.

Japanese audio manufacturers Onkyo are back at it with an incredible new player. Launching this month is the DP-X1 and it’s power is matched by it’s quality of audio and functionality.

The DP-X1 features two amps and digital analog converters (DACs), one for each side of the stereo sound allowing for extreme power and signal control. Both the DACs and amps are ESS Sabres, known as the world’s highest performance D/A converter solutions and used in blu-ray players and full stereos.

It’s hi-res audio capability supports up to 384kHz/24-bit audio and supports WAV, FLAC, ALAC, & AIFF. You can play music as you’d expect through it’s 3-pole headphone jack but also via wi-fi, Bluetooth, micro USB, and a 2.5mm 4-pole balanced output. Even when streaming music over Bluetooth DP-X1 maintains it’s hi-res quality.

Onkyo music

It comes with 32GB of internal storage with slots for 2 micro-SD cards of up to 200GB each. Using the built-in Android software you can explore all the music markets and streamers of your choice and save a massive load of music, or stream them. Tidal would probably the best option with this player to make the most of it’s hi-res capabilities.

As if that wasn’t enough the list goes on, including: High Precision EQ customisation with 16,384 discrete bands, DSD conversion of music files within the player, Master Quality Audio support (coming soon in a free update). The battery will reportedly last for about 16 hours of continuous playback – not bad considering it’s pushing out high quality audio files.

Onkyo audio player

The price may set you back a bit at $899 but the player offers a whole lot that any audiophile wouldn’t want to go without when out and about. After all, what’s the point in plugging your $500 headphones into your powerless smartphone.