What do Explicit, Clean, and Not Explicit mean for music?

If you’re wondering what to do when you’re asked whether your music is Explicit, Clean, or Not Explicit then we have the easy answers for you.

When you upload your music through RouteNote you can label each track individually as either Explicit or Non-Explicit. You may have seen Explicit tags on music you listen to before.

You will need to tag your track as Explicit if it contains any of the following:

 • Drug references

 • Inflammatory Lyrics

 • Profanity

 • Sexual References/Depictions

 • Violence

You can think of it as, ‘would this music be acceptable to play to children or not?’ If you wouldn’t be happy playing this to your niece because of the subject matter, then it likely needs an Explicit tag.

What about Clean then? Whilst we don’t have a Clean tag for use on RouteNote, it’s good to know what it means. It is simply the version of an Explicit track that has been edited to make it Non-Explicit.

Now you know and you can distribute your music knowing exactly what you need to tag it with. So head to www.routenote.com and upload your music, Explicit or not, for free today.

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