Teenage Engineerings latest Pocket Operator instruments imbue vintage video game vibes

Capcom’s classic video game series are being brought through their iconic sound effects to the creative joy of TE’s next pocket operators.

Teenage Engineering have been partnering with iconic brands – like Rick and Morty – in their Pocket Operators for years. Through their partnerships they bring iconic sound effects and samples into the sequencing possibilities of their mini instruments.

The latest to get the pocket operator treatment are two of Capcom’s most iconic names. Mega Man and Street Fighter are both getting their very own pocket operator respectively.

The PO-128 Mega Man puts the original sounds of the game into the mini synthesizer. Creators will be able to customise the sounds and sequence them with others to create musical patterns.

The PO-133 features iconic samples that will allow users to input ‘Hadouken!’ into their patterns. With a built-in microphone users can add their own samples to the lot whilst enjoying the unique animations that both pocket operators come featured with based on the classic game series.

The Street Fighter machine is available now for €99/$89/£85 whilst the Mega Man operator comes out on the 2nd of December for the same price. Get yours from Teenage Engineering’s website.

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