DJ Mixes Now Payout For Music Used In Mixes Automatically

A new deal with Dubset Media Holdings means songs and samples used in DJ Mixes will automatically generate revenue for the original copyright holders.

DJ mixes play a large part of the online indie music culture but have long been at the expense of the original owners of music. DJ based music marketplace Dubset Media Holdings are now involved in a new deal with the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) that will help original creators get paid.

Using their analysis tech Dubset picks up recordings in mixes and remixes and, thanks to their agreements with over 14,000 labels and publishers, can pay the appropriate copyright holder(s). The new deal means NMPA members of songwriters and publishers can take part to have their work used in remixes whilst getting paid appropriately, something that couldn’t be done before thanks to technology restrictions.

Dubset’s MixBANK technology can pick up the specifics of tracks, so it can tell whether a vocal sample, a full beat, a groove, or anything else was used and for how long. Then it can work out the appropriate royalty splits between creators, including the mixer, so everyone can be fairly paid.

DJ mixes remix copyright payment rights holders

Dubset’s chief operating officer, Bob Barbiere said: “The amount of new mix content distributed daily is estimated to be fifteen times as large as that of traditional music. Due to complexities associated with identification, and cross-clearance of copyright protected works used within mixes, music services were not able to offer it to consumers.”

This deal follows a similar one with Apple Music a few months ago that allowed Dubset to upload DJ mixes to the streaming service. These deals, in line with new song analysis technology, mean that DJs on the rise who can’t necessarily acquire proper licenses can still upload mixes online whilst original rights holders get paid for their work, so that everyone wins.

Trainspottr Creates A Playlist Of Your Facebook Feed’s Music

Facebook is the home of media. It’s where you go for news, videos, photos, your friends’ plans… but where it lacks is music. brings music together from your Facebook feed.

What exactly does it do? is an app for iPhone that scans your Facebook feed and puts it all into one, easy to consume feed that you can play in app. All the pages of artists and musicians you like on Facebook will have any song uploads added to the playlist so you can easily listen to your timeline.

Follow your favourite DJ’s, bands, producers, artists, magazines, labels, and other music pages to get the music they share presented in a playlists that looks sophisticated. On the app you can favourite anything that stands out which will be saved in the app so you can come back to at anytime. On the train and want to save a track for later to add to your music library? Trainspottr have you covered.

As well as favoriting tracks you like you can “Nope” tracks you don’t like so they disappear from your feed. Noping a track even means it won’t show up again if it’s reposted or shared by another page. Notably Trainspottr only takes tracks from pages so that stranger you added on a drunken night out who relentlessly posts “trippy music man” won’t show up on the app – probably for the better.

Unfortunately for Android users the app is currently only available on the Apple App Store for iPhones but if Trainspottr is the success it should be we’ll hopefully see more platform support in future.

Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook Play With Garageband’s New Chinese Instruments


In the video you can see Apple CEO Tim Cook jamming out with Singaporean musician JJ Lin with GarageBand’s new Chinese features. Lin said: “As a musician I’m always looking for ways to take my music in new directions and Garageband has been such a great tool for me to experiment and add new elements to my songs on-the-go.”

In an update to GarageBand Apple have added a bunch of new Chinese instruments for creating oriental music. The update “celebrates the rich history of Chinese music” by adding traditional Chinese instruments to their app like the pipa, erhu, and Chinese percussion. The instruments can be played on iPhones and iPads, and with a USB keyboard and Musical Typing feature on Mac.

GarageBand Apple music instruments

Apple’s vice president of product marketing, Susan Prescott said: “GarageBand is the most popular music creation app in the world and we’re excited to introduce these new features that incorporate the rich history of traditional Chinese music. By adding classic Chinese instruments and new Live Loop templates, the new GarageBand app makes it fun and easy to make Chinese-inspired music right on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.”

The two Live Loop templates included in the update cover both traditional and modern Chinese music and include 300 Apple-created loops that take inspiration from a range of Chinese music styles like guzheng, dizi, yangqin and Peking Opera.

Reports of SoundCloud Removing DJ Mixes Have “No Truth”

Recent reports circulating have suggested that SoundCloud are removing all DJ mixes from their site – which is of course not true.

Digital Music News have had a good week for made up stories circulating the web. Last week we found out that iTunes was closing in 2 years from DMN’s “anonymous sources” and now more unnamed sources are suggesting through DMN that SoundCloud are removing the lifeblood of their service.

DJ Mixes are a massive part of SoundCloud and it has been a platform for upcoming producers and DJs around the world to make a name for themselves. Removing DJ Mixes would be sensational, and that’s probably why DMN made these false claims – sensationalism = attention. SoundCloud confirmed to Billboard that “the story has no truth to it. At SoundCloud, we’re on a mission to create a place where all creativity can live. SoundCloud’s creator community, including DJs, is incredibly important to us.”

In the wake of their new subscription service SoundCloud Go launching and deals signed with major labels it wouldn’t make sense for SoundCloud to begin restricting their service. So until next week when DMN have the ‘breaking news’ from ‘anonymous sources’ that Spotify are being bought out by Apple Music, or something similarly spurious, you can rest at ease that a staple music service isn’t drastically changing.

RouteNote Interviews: Mike Emilio

Mike Emilio is a talented, popular Swedish producer and DJ. He’s amassed millions of listeners on tracks like his hit Fugazi on Spotify and SoundCloud. Mike has found his way onto top lists around the world including in the top ten Latin American charts and 2nd place at Spain’s biggest radiostation.
We managed to get in a few questions with Mike between producing his next hit singles.

How did you get into music, was it a natural passion or something you learned to love?

I grew up in a musical family where both my father and brother played several instruments, we built a studio and I got my first pair of drums when I turned six years old. I got raised with a lot of new metal and hard rock so that was the genre that started everything.

Over the years I started to produce hip-hop in high school and later switched on to EDM. I think my musical background is so important and I don’t want to label my music, I want to mix everything and produce music I love doing.

You’re part the recently launched Shape Music network and record label, what’s it like and were you a part of it’s inception?

I founded Shape Music now in 2016. Before that we were a music collective with four artists including Modo (NY), Tareq (SWE), James Wilson (SWE) and myself. I have been working on trying to cover every part needed, everything from producing to marketing – make everything from scratch and be able to finalize the product.

I have been lucky to be able to work with RouteNote that helps me distribute our songs worldwide. Music is so much more than just making the music, and that is what makes it so fun – to be able to be innovative and creative on so many levels.

You work with a lot of artists, recently you’ve worked a lot with Modo and James Wilson. How does working with other artists affect your creative process?

Connecting and working with other artists is something you must do, you learn a lot from the process and you reach sounds you never thought you would accomplish. Every artist is unique and when you finally feel that you have found the people you love working with, everything gets so much easier.

You stumble upon a lot of people that just want to use your ability of working without giving anything back, so I am happy to be a part of my team containing reliable and talented artists. Hard work pays off!

You’ve already been very prolific this year. Can we expect to see even more releases from you in 2016?

We will have a lot of releases coming up, not in the same tempo as we started 2016 though. We had a project where the team made several songs (over 15-20 so far) so that we could reach out as much as possible. We have new projects ready to be released with some really interesting artists. Some tracks are signed at major labels as Sony Music as well, we want to try to be seen and heard everywhere.

If you could choose to work with any artist/musician, past or present, who would you choose and why?

If I had the possibility to choose an artist/band it would be MUSE, I have been listening to them for so long and I can always go back to their old albums and just get nostalgic – there’s no ‘Best Before Date’ on their songs.

If we talk EDM it would be Skrillex or Deorro, no doubt.

Imagine you’re stuck on a desert island and can only take 3 tracks to listen to and one possession. What would you choose?

Hmmm, three tracks:

Muse – Hysteria
Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight
Jillionare & Salvatore Ganacci – Fresh ft. Sanjin

Pretty mixed genres! I would bring a guitar.

If you can choose, which of your own tracks would you say is your favourite or you are most proud of?

I would have to say Fugazi that I made together with Modo since that song opened so many doors and helped me in so many ways.

What does the future hold for Mike Emilio?

I’ve just signed a new song with Treyy G (Trumpsta) and Frankie Carrera at Sony Music/Disco:Wax and we are shooting the music video with the talented Samuel Leijon as we speak. Last weekend we also recorded the official video for Fugazi 2016 that will be released through Shape. Modo has been doing a great job together with his crew on that one. I am hoping to take Shape Music into the next level and we got several interesting things going on.

What advice would you give to other aspiring musicians and producers?

You learn as long as you keep doing what you love, don’t let other people that doubt you affect you negatively. We all start somewhere and you must try to find your own path through the labyrinth of music. There will always be people trying to stop you from doing what you love just because they haven’t found out what they want to do yet.

Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of trying!

Mike Emilio

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Facebook and Warner Music Partner To Soundtrack Your Photos and Videos

Facebook are making a landmark deal with major label Warner Music Group (WMG) to license tracks for use on Facebook with slideshows.

When licensed any of the 1.59 billion Facebook users will be able to add the selected WMG tracks to accompany videos and photo albums in a new feature called ‘Slideshow’. Facebook confirmed on sunday that it was testing Slideshow to help it’s users create soundtracks to the moments that matter to them.

A spokesperson said: “We are always testing ways to help people better share their stories with friends. Slideshows are a new way for people to share photos and videos in a creative and succinct way. To date, we’ve been using Facebook-owned music to accompany these slideshows, we will now be testing the use of a limited amount of music from Warner Music Group as soundtrack options.”

It’s unclear exactly how this feature will be implemented but it’s a unique one, at least for massive companies like Facebook and Warner. And that is part of the downside – startups like Flipagram and have been building themselves slowly with similar ‘social media soundtrack’ services, but of course without billions of dollars behind them they will potentially be collateral damage in what is otherwise a cool new ability.

At the moment there’s no date set for when we might see Slideshows implemented but with licensing and testing taking place we can assume it’s fairly far into the process. For any updates be sure to find it on the RouteNote Blog.

This Massive, Powerful Synthesiser Plugin Is Lethal


A new plugin from Lethal Audio gives you a massively powerful and diverse synthesiser that allows you access to over 3000 instruments and presets.

It is literally ‘Lethal’ – in name, and in its ability to blow other synths away with it’s incredible power. Lethal features a giant 5GB of commercial sounds with enough features for you to create an unlimited amount of unique sounds.

With Lethal you get over 1200 excellent sounding instruments and presets + 2140 crisply recorded percussion and drum samples. On top of these there are a bunch of features and effects you can apply to each sound.

It may sound intimidating with so much packed into one synth, but Lethal has been designed to be as easy to use as any other mainstream synth plugin. This means that you can jump straight in and use this vast tool with no time wasted working through the interface.

Lethal vst plugin instrument synthesiser

Lethal Audio promise “solid basses, epic synths, heart-warming strings, timeless pianos, professional drums and crisp percussion is only just the beginning. Carefully crafted banks for all genres from Commercial to House to Hip-Hop to Trance to EDM, and everything in between”.

Lethal Audio are also offering free expansion packs released continuously to Lethal Synth owners until June 30th 2017.

You can purchase Lethal now for $199 from their website.

Vevo Launching ‘Long Form Programming’ With Upcoming Subscription Service

Vevo’s future subscription service has been kept under wraps since it was announced in February but a new job advert might reveal some of what to expect.

A job advert for a Head of Creative Commissioning and Acquisitions was recently posted by Vevo. The advert requests someone to lead “diversifying Vevo’s content offer beyond the official music video into long form programming”. As this comes just months after Vevo announced they would soon be releasing their first ever paid service this suggests new content moving beyond music videos, the company’s primary focus.

The ad requests the ideal candidate as having “an in-depth knowledge of music video, docu-series and film” suggesting a diversity of new content. Music documentary series are a popular choice for music services exploring video content as Spotify recently announced they’re developing 12 original shows, with a docu-series announced as one of the first.

Under the job’s responsibilities is to “build content pipeline around specific genres and verticals, including non-traditional sources such as ‘Internet’ based talent”. Now ‘Internet based talent’ could mean anything from a YouTube vlogger to an underground artist releasing mixtapes but it suggests a move towards independent creators, and we can assume being Vevo that it will involve music somehow.

Vevo revealed they were launching a paid service shortly after purchasing subscription based video service Showyou. Details have been scarce beyond chief executive Erik Huggers claim it would be “something in the same vein as Amy“. Unfortunately the job advert doesn’t reveal anything massive, the rest of the ad is even more vague but you can check it out for yourself. You can be sure to find any more news on Vevo’s upcoming service here on the RouteNote Blog.

What do you think Vevo has planned to launch on a new subscription service? Let us know in the comments below.

Beyoncé Gained Husband’s Tidal Over 1 Million Subscribers

The exclusive release of Beyoncé’s new album has given a massive boost to her husband Jay Z’s celeb-backed music streaming service Tidal.

The exclusive album seems to be Tidal’s biggest weapon for 2016 in the music streaming wars. Beyoncé surprise launched her album ‘Lemonade’ last month exclusively on Tidal, earning the high quality music streamer a massive boost of 1.2 million new subscribers.

Beyoncé’s new album follows another massive exclusive on the Jay Z owned streaming service, Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’. The long awaited album from the rapper gave a massive boost to the year old streaming service pushing its app to number 1 in the Apple App Store. The album was a success for Tidal until Kanye went back on exclusive claims and released The Life of Pablo on other streaming services, like Spotify.

Rihanna is another worldwide music star that released her new album exclusively through Tidal early this year which earned Tidal even more listeners, though Rihanna’s album was only a first week exclusive. With these 3 massive stars all releasing new content exclusively Tidal is being pushed from the niche streamer it’s been to a major player in the streaming business, having tripled its subscribers to 3 million before the release of Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Rihanna's 'ANTI' was a temporary exclusive for Tidal when it launched in January
Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ was a temporary exclusive for Tidal when it launched in January

Lemonade has earned over 300 million streams so far whilst Kanye’s TLoP managed 250 million streams in it’s first 10 days. As partners in the business, and close friends/wife of the owner rapper and businessman Jay Z, it makes sense for Beyoncé and Kanye to favour the service. But will it be enough to push the streamer into successful territory in a contested industry?

With two of the most high profile artists onboard with Tidal launching albums already this year Jay Z will have to hope they can survive on their service alone from here. Or maybe just release one of Kanye’s other 2 albums exclusively later this year.