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Last year, people around the world listened to music more than ever showing incredible results for the industry and changes for artists.

A monumental year for music last year, 2023 saw songs listened to over 7 trillion times. That’s an astonishing 33.7% increase on 2022, when 5.3 trillion song listens were tracked.

The stats count for On-Demand song streams across audio and video services. Total On-Demand Audio Song Streams for last year rose 22.3% to 4.2 trillion. A significant number, but slightly slower growth that suggests listeners are watching music videos and enjoying music on platforms like YouTube even more.

The data comes from Luminate’s 2023 music report and reveals that there were 3 trillion on-demand video song streams in 2023. That’s an incredible increase of 63.3% from the year before.

In their streaming pyramid, they show how songs are being listened to. They revealed that over 100,000 ISRCs were delivered to digital services every day in 2023 on average. SO of all those songs, how many actually receive significant streams.

The pyramid reveals that 10 songs reached the impressive milestone of 1 billion streams in 2023. On the other end of the spectrum, however, there were nearly 80 million songs which received 0-10 streams for the year and another 42.7 million which were streamed less than 100 times.

You can view much more on the music trends of 2023 in our summary of Luminate’s report here:

Thanks to the accessibility of reaching digital services for artists, there are more songs available than ever. Whilst that means that some releases get uploaded to little response, it also allows everyone the same visibility for a chance of success. With the incredible growth of music listening, it’s clear that artists are being heard more than ever and it’s not just the biggest artists.

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