Over 50,000 Free Samples From SampleRadar

The importance of samples in music shouldn’t be underestimated. In a production landscape where a lot of the music created increasingly involves manipulating premade sounds – a vast and varied sample library is essential for producers.

SampleRadar provides you with a regularly updated catalogue of samples that vary from ‘703 free grime samples’ to ‘626 free jazz groove samples’. They’re free to download and use in DAWs for anyone, they only request that they aren’t redistributed anywhere.

In case you aren’t already sold by the offer of over 50,000 free samples for the taking here are some previews from their drum ‘n’ bass, dub and, their latest addition, UK garage packs:


Drum ‘n’ Bass Beat 170 BPM

Drum ‘n’ Bass Breakbeat 175 BPM

Drum ‘n’ Bass Bassline 175 BPM

Dub Bass 126 BPM

Dub Beat 130 BPM

Dub Guitar 133 BPM 

UK Garage Beat 128 BPM

UK Garage Bass 130 BPM


Get ‘328 free drum ‘n’ bass samples‘.

Get ‘281 free dub samples‘.

Get ‘316 free UK garage samples‘.

Go to SampleRadar now for 150 more free packs of samples with regular additions.

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    Hi Richard,

    All SampleRadar samples are indeed all free to use for commercial use, so make the most of them! 😀

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