Dailymotion have launched a brand new feature that allows users to highlight and share their favourite clips from videos.

Video hosting site Dailymotion have launched a new feature Repost so that users can select a snippet from videos they love and then share it to their own channel. Repost brings with it a tool that allows users to trim the video to any length and any part of the video.

Dailymotion COO Martin Rogard told VideoInk: “Less than 1% of the people who watch content are uploading. This is a way to increase engagement, to engage the user. The video is on your own channel. You can share it like it is your own, but with the attribution to the original content owner. That additional engagement is what we’re all seeking in this industry.”


Repost sharing
          Here’s what it looks like when you use Repost on a video


Dailymotion have clarified that they will use the tool to protect creators from “freebooting” by routing any revenue earned from Reposts to the original content creator. Repost will also be an optional feature so that content creators can decide whether to opt in or out of having the feature on any individual video.

Dailymotion say in their blog post that Repost will help creators grow their audiences and earn more revenue as your videos are shared and bring in wider ranges of viewers. It is available now to everyone using Dailymotion on a desktop with Flash and on Safari browsers (OSX/iOS) with plans to roll out to HTML5 users over the next few weeks.