Image Credit: Daniel Gergely

Break your sample down, then randomize or modulate the playback with Emergence v0.3, to get something truly unique.

A granular synthesis breaks down a sample into many short pieces of audio called grains. While a single grain is not that interesting by itself, hundreds of overlapping grains played together can create complex delay patterns, strange noises and beautiful layered soundscapes. Emergence v0.3 from music enthusiast and audio programmer Daniel Gergely, allows you to modulate various parameters like the length or pitch of the grains in real-time, until you find your sound or gain inspiration from something new.

Emergence continuously records the input signal into a buffer, then is played back as grains. Up to 600 grains can be generated in four colour-coded streams, each with their own set of parameters that control grain generation. These controls include Increment, Time, Pitch, Reverse, Length, Balance, Pan and Volume. You can also freeze the buffer content or transpose grain pitch by +/- 24 semitones. The top of the plugin displays the waveform for clear visual feedback, under which are Input and Output controls, such as Buffer Size, Max. Grain Count, etc. Towards the bottom you’ll find four multi-wave LFOs for modulation, each with Frequency and Shape dials. There’s also a couple of Randomizers in the bottom right, both with Frequency and Probability knobs.

The latest update to Emergence adds stereo processing, grain pitch quantization, the new random modulators, as well as a resizable GUI, built-in help when you hover over various controls and macOS compatibility.

  • Up to 600 grains (depending on your CPU).
  • 4 grain generation streams with independent parameters.
  • Modulation system with LFOs, Macros and parameter randomization.
  • High quality grain pitch transposition (+/- 24 semitones).
  • Freeze buffer contents.
  • Built-in help (hover over controls and see text at the bottom).

The 1.69MB plugin is available in 64-bit VST3 and AU formats, for Windows 10 or later, or macOS 10.9 of later. Find links to download and installation instructions on Gergely’s Patreon. No need for an email address or billing information. Here you can also support the project or donate on Buy Me a Coffee.