Novation have just released version 2.0 of their Launchpad app for iOS devices that adds a bunch of massive new features to the music making app.

Novation say:

We’re proud to present the biggest ever update to Launchpad for iOS. We’ve completely redesigned the audio engine to add real-time stretching, so you can now change tempo at any time. We’ve also added Ableton Link, which allows you to play Launchpad in time with your other music apps, music devices and Ableton Live. All this, for free, on iPhone and iPad. Thank you for using Launchpad.

New features in Novation Launchpad for iOS version 2.0:

  • New real-time stretch engine – Change tempo while playing
  • Ableton Link support – Jam in sync with your other apps, devices or laptop
  • Free update for all iPhone and iPad users – No in-app purchase required
  • New tempo control, with tap tempo and tempo display
  • Effects adapt intelligently as the tempo changes
Change tempo in real-time

With a new real-time tempo stretch engine you can now change tempo, in real-time, without changing the pitch of your track. This feature is usually only found in powerful professional music making software used by professional producers. With this update, Launchpad for iOS adds serious power to any live performance, or DJ set-up.

Jam in sync with Link

Now you can sync Launchpad for iOS to your live DJ sets, create tempo changes during your performances, and push your sessions to even greater heights. The new tempo control lets you speed up or slow down in increments, or simply tap in the tempo you need.

The DJ style effects have also been updated, now adapting intelligently to any tempo changes, making them even more powerful real-time effects for your remix performances.