The 5 best Black Friday deals on MIDI controllers/keyboards

Black Friday is the perfect excuse to get yourself some sweet new music equipment. With thousands of savings to be had we’ve collected the 5 best MIDI controller deals for you to get producing on….

Launch Buttons – A free launchpad app for controlling Ableton Live DAW

Launch Buttons is a new free app for iOS and Android that works as a pad controller for Ableton remarkably well, meaning you can keep yourself busy whilst saving up for a Launchpad. Launch Buttons is…

Novation’s Launchpad for iOS gets a massive new update

Novation have just released version 2.0 of their Launchpad app for iOS devices that adds a bunch of massive new features to the music making app. Novation say: We’re proud to present the biggest ever…

Novation’s Launchpad Mk 2 Unveiled

Earlier this month Novation released their new launchpad, a grid instrument for Ableton Live. The grid features 8×8 pads and is an essential tool for Ableton allowing you to launch clips, play drum racks and…

R!OT – Only Mortal (Launchpad/Keytar/GoPro)

R!OT performs his latest hit ‘Only Mortal’ atop a hill using a Launchpad, Keytar, head mounted GoPro and laptop. Why? Because it looks awesome obviously!

Nev Plays: Arty – Up All Night (Launchpad Cup Song)

Nev’s back again with another amazing Launchpad cover of Arty’s new single ‘Up All Night’, featuring a cup… trust me!

Nev Plays… Tetris

There are a bunch of LaunchPad videos on YouTube, that show peoples talents on the sampler instrument. Nev, with this Tetris cover is one of the greatest efforts I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth a watch!

Music Production – Sampling

Sampling is taking sections of audio from a range of tracks and playing them back in a new order to create something totally new. It originates from the early use (and is still today) in…

N4C – Out Of My World (Live Launchpad Performance)

Happy Monday – Great performance – N4C – Out Of My World (Live Launchpad Performance)