A Firm That Uses AI To Insert Brands Music Videos Partner With Red Light Management and B-Unique Records

Image credit: Mirriad

The Mirriad firm that uses artificial intelligence to digitally place products and brands into films, TV shows, and more recently music videos, has launched a new division called the Music Alliance.

The new division of the company will be “dedicated to growing creative and financial opportunities for artists by placing brands into visual music content.”

The company can now call Red Light Management, which looks after artists such as The Strokes, and B-Unique Records as it’s first partners for the Music Alliance. 

According to Mirriad, its patented AI technology “scans content for its emotional register moment by moment.” By doing this it allows brands to place products in “exactly the right place at the right time” during a music video. 

Mirriad sell themselves as a way past the rising ad avoidance that is seen among younger generations. As well all know the attraction to streaming services is the lack of advert breaks. However, companies like this will bypass this and sneak subtle ads or product placement into video content. In fact, the Mexican beer company Tecate has already hired Mirriad to do such a thing, as seen i the latest music video for Giovanny Ayala’s track ‘Pa’ Que No Te Anden Contando’.

Speaking on the partnership, James Sandom, Managing Director of Red Light Management UK said: “We are excited to partner with Mirriad and feel privileged to be at the cutting edge opening up an innovative medium of new revenue in the music community. He continues, “Mirriad’s technology addresses the challenges of monetizing content while putting the artists first, giving them greater control in the direction and nature of partnerships within their content. We’re confident that connecting the worlds of marketing and music will add value to artists in scaling their business, while also offering brands a way to naturally immerse themselves in impactful campaigns without interrupting the experience for fans.”

B-Unique co-founder, Martin Toher, added: “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Mirriad to create a proof of concept video with the band Kodaline, and were incredibly proud of the result, which was notably created entirely in lockdown.” He continues, “That experience showed us the worth, creativity and seamlessness Mirriad’s technology provides. It’s going to be an invaluable tool for the industry that’s seeking lucrative and dynamic opportunities to support its artists.”

Watch the video from Mirriad‘s site that boasts their AI technology here:

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