Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify’s new pages offer songwriters proper acknowledgements with all the music they’ve contributed to in one place for listeners to discover.

To celebrate the further roll out of dedicated pages on Spotify for songwriters, the music streaming service have launched a brand new home for songwriters. Their new push shines a light on the creators who often don’t get enough credit for creating the music that artists release under their name.

Their new Songwriters Hub features a collection of ‘Written By’ playlists highlighting the best of songwriters’ work, podcasts focused on songwriters, and a range of other highlights relating to the musicians behind the face of the music. It follows Spotify’s initial efforts earlier this year to launch songwriter pages dedicated to music’s writers rather than the recording artist.

The Hub launches alongside new songwriter pages for Gregg Wattenberg, Ant Clemons, Noonie Bao, Sia, Bebe Rexha, Irving Berlin and Ashley Gorley. Creators who already have songwriter pages on Spotify include: Meghan Trainor, Fraser T Smith, Missy Elliott, Teddy Geiger, Ben Billions, Justin Tranter.

One of the songwriters Spotify is featuring; Nija, who has written for the likes of Ariana Grande and Cardi B, says: “Having a hub for songwriters is extremely important because people need to know who these people are who are helping create the soundtrack to our lives. Songwriters deserve to be praised for their contributions just as much as artists & producers. A lot of times we get the short end of the stick, so I’m glad that there’s a place where people can see who’s writing their favourite songs.”

Spotify’s Head of Songwriter and Publishing Relations; Jules Parker said: “With the launch of the Songwriters Hub, we’re continuing to evolve how music is discovered, appreciated, and enjoyed by the world. Supporting publishers and songwriters goes hand in hand with artist discovery. People know who an artist is. They don’t know who the writers are, necessarily. If we can help make those connections, we help people discover new music and open up potential career opportunities for the songwriter. It all ties back to our mission of helping creators live off their work.”

How to access the Songwriters Hub:

How to access Songwriter Pages:

  • Right-click on a track (or, if you’re on mobile, tap the “…” next to the track) 
  • Hit “Song Credits”
  • Select a clickable songwriter’s name
  • Every songwriter page includes a “Written By” playlist spanning that writer’s work. On their songwriter page, click or tap “Listen on Spotify” to check them out.