Analytics company Nielsen revealed this week that they had completed their acquisition of metadata service Gracenote.

Nielsen have confirmed that they have completed Gracenote acquisition giving them access to the entertainment metadata provider’s data and technology. Nielsen hope that with Gracenote’s extensive information they will be able to enhance their industry and audience insights and analytics.

Gracenote’s music data is an important part of various industries providing key elements of user interfaces and programming guides. Their services cover song data for products like CD’s, streaming services, smart televisions, media players and much more.

Gracenote will operate under Nielsen’s Watch branch from their Californian headquarters and will be renamed ‘Gracenote, a Nielsen company’ – catchy. Nielsen says that the acquisition will give them greater ability to provide audience and usage analytics as well as allowing Nielsen’s clients to better tailor their content delivery systems.

The acquisition has been estimated in the past as a $560 million deal.