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Spotify recently announced their new policy that will mean songs under 1000 streams a year will not earn any Sound Recording Royalties – but this doesn’t apply to Publishing Royalties.

Many independent artists have been worried about Spotify’s ‘Royalty Modernising’ proposal set to come into place early 2024.

This new policy is to help Spotify tackle Fraud Streaming, and the amount of ‘Noise’ and ‘Meditation’ songs that are generating large amounts of royalties. These ‘Noise’ releases tend to contain the sound of drops of rain, white noise or nature sounds which people listen to as a form of escapism.

Although this new policy will help with these issues, it also means a lot of independent artists will not be receiving royalties for their work.

What are Publishing Royalties and why will they not be affected?

Publishing Royalties are generated when your composition is streamed, duplicated, performed live or covered. With Publishing Administrators (like RouteNote Publishing) reaching out to more independent artists – as long as you write your own music, you are entitled to these royalties.

Publishing Royalties also have strict royalty pay-out rules which are part of copyright laws that span the majority of Europe and the US. As per the music modernisation act in the US, it is government legislation that publishing royalties must continue to be paid out regardless of Spotify’s minimum threshold.

Collect your Spotify royalties no matter the amount of streams

At RouteNote Publishing we collect WorldWide Performance Royalties, Mechanical Royalties and YouTube Micro-Synchronisation. 

This means we can collect your publishing royalties no matter how many streams your songs are gaining on Spotify or any other store or streaming service. 

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